Southern Oaks 2021 training roster

Sorrento, FL — Here is the 2021 harness racing training roster for Southern Oaks, Sorrento, Fla. Harness racing stallions with first crops in training include Dover Dan, Fear The Dragon, Huntsville, Walner, and What The Hill. World champion millionaire Amigo Volo, millionaire Breeders Crown winner Century Farroh, Breeders Crown winner Fire Start Hanover and Mohawk Million winner Venerate are among the horses spending the winter at Southern Oaks.
Dave Arrenholtz Stable
Dash N Cache p,f, Aracache Hanover—Feetonthedashboard

Roll Em p,g, (p,2,1:53.1s, $21,170) Time To Roll—Feetonthedashboard

older horse
Frontier Rollo p,g,4 (p,3,1:50.2s, $57,410) Time To Roll—Incredible Dodger

Gates Brunet Stable
Becky Kwik t,f, Donato Hanover—Fashion Spooner
Dolemite t,c, Father Patrick—My Angel Heart
Lovers Lane t,f, What The Hill—Love Child
Straightnochaser t,f, Bar Hopping—Dreama Littledream

Sonina p,f, American Ideal—Spotlight On

older horses
Battenberg t,g,5, (2,1:55.4, $72,971) Trixton—Coffeecake Hanover
Dreams Beachboy p,g,9, (p,1:49f, $303,332) Somebeachsomewhere—Dream-A-While
Nasty Gal t,m,4 (2,1:59.2h, $29,850) Conway Hall—Dreama Littledream

John Butenschoen Stable
Bantam t,c, Andover Hall—Fluttering Wings
Bentley GT t,c, Conway Hall—Pacific Centerfold
Cathy Hanover p,f, Betting Line—Code One Hanover
Craft Brew Lindy t,c, Cantab Hall—Gin And Lindy
Dazzling Light t,c, Cantab Hall—Broadway Chuckles
Disco Trix t,c, Trixton—Go Go Dancer
Double Vodka Don t,c, Father Patrick—Munis Blue Chip
Feast Day t,c, Trixton—Homefortheholidays
Forrest Blu p,c, Roll With Joe—Lima Fairest
Fox Valley Colby t,c, Swan For All—Love You More
Gracelyn Hanover t,f, Walner—Gatka Hanover
Honali p,c, Somebeachsomewhere—My Little Delight
Hopes N Wishes t,f, Bar Hopping—Hall Of Wishes
In A Daze p,f, Heston Blue Chip—Hypnotize
Le Cinq A Sept t,c, Chapter Seven—French Press
Midwind Chapter t,c, Chapter Seven—Daylon Alibi
Missile t,c, Father Patrick—Magic Feeling
Muscle Dan t,c, Dover Dan—Windsong Musclelady
Prasiolite t,f, Chapter Seven—Jewels In Hock
Pure Wow t,c, Father Patrick—No Pan No Gain
Quincy Market t,c, E L Titan—Dance To Market
Special Mission t,c, Walner—Special Hill
Storm Fortress Deo p,c, Always B Miki—Western Gallie
Sun Temple t,f, Cantab Hall—Temple Ruins
Storybook Ending t,f, Chapter Seven—Casaubon
Sun Temple t,f, Cantab Hall—Temple Ruins
Woodside Famous Dan t,c, Dover Dan—Silvia
Young Michelle t,f, Cantab Hall—Miss Michelle H

Above The Clouds t,f, (2,1:58.1f, $27,054) Explosive Matter—Miss Michelle H
Bar Keeper t,c, Bar Hopping—Crazed For Lindy
Broker Volo t,g, Yankee Glide—Bank Of Newport
Cantabsleading Lady t,f, Cantab Hall—Warrawee Krisp
Gamblin Mo p,c, (p,2,1:53.2f, $25,927) Captaintreacherous—Southwind Johanne
Mallard Hanover t,g, Swan For All—Mynah Hanover
Miss Vet Hanover t,f, (2,1:54.1, $35,960) Yankee Glide—Mayday Hanover
Natchez Belle p,f, (p,2,1:54.3f, $36,765) Betting Line—Grrby Hanover
Truffles Too t,g, (2,1:56.3f, $4,732) Donato Hanover—Truffles
Turnthecrankfrank t,g, Southwind Frank—Feel The Pressure

older horses
Ballcapsnbluejeans t,g,4 (3,1:57.2s, $99,464) Chapter Seven—Mazda Hanover
Blank Stare p,g,4 (p,3,1:50.1f, $250,549) Bolt The Duer—Hypnotize

Brad Firlotte Stable
Bettor N Joy p,f, Bettor’s Delight—Joywriter
Last Beach p,c, Somebeachsomewhere—Cannae Cammie
Not Right Now p,f, Always B Miki—Hayworth Blue Chip
Whammer Jammer p,c, Always B Miki—Somesleazetoplease

Husted Stable
Fox Valley Hadley p,f, Sportsmaster—Tyler Too
Get E Up p,c, Sportsmaster—Fox Valley Tulip
Lous Ides Of March t,f, Lou’s Legacy—Earli Valley

Lousrolando t,g, (2,2:00.2, $34,723) Lou’s Legacy—Off White

older horses
Dash Of Danger p,g,8 (p,1:51, $260,502) Western Terror—Grand Lady
Fox Valley Exploit p,m,4 (p,3,1:53, $217,421) Sportsmaster—She Likes It All

Erv Miller Stable
Abruzzo t,c, Walner—Take The Money
Aerosmith Hanover p,c, Rockin Image—Asada Hanover
Alessandra Hanover p,f, Betting Line—Anadarko Hanover
Ar Girl t,f, Swan For All—Wide Load
Ashleyashley t,f, Cassis—Tyrany Seelster
Bay City p,c, Always B Miki—Miss ATM
Bet Eightthirtyone p,c, Betting Line—Ideal Nectarine
Betting Hannah p,f, Betting Line—Unred Hanover
Blazing Spirit p,f, Sweet Lou—Village Madonna
Bonkers t,f, Muscle Mass—Crazed For Lindy
Bourbon Chestnut t,f, Trixton—Mini Bar
Bridge To Victory t,c, What The Hill—Bridge To Nowhere
Captain’s Star p,f, Captaintreacherous—Talkative
Canterawishing t,f, Wishing Stone—La Cantera
Celtic Rose p,f, Rockin Image—Canttakeitwithyou
Chicago Audible t,c, Swan For All—Spirit Of Casey
Ezra t,c, Swan For All—Lima Simplicity
Fast Floyd t,c, Swan For All—Cheetah Hall
Flipflopsncroptops t,f, Swan For All—Sweet Summer
Flip My Chip p,c, Heston Blue Chip—Restive Hanover
Fox Valley Captiva p,f, World Of Rocknroll—Kissmeallover
Fox Valley Eliza p,f, JK Endofanera—Native Hotspur
Genesis p,f, A Rocknroll Dance—Eden
Good Boy t,c, Lou’s Legacy—Gia’s Speedster
Hangry p,c, Rockin Image—Hah Chachacha
Happy Space t,f, Swan For All—Happy Place
Hey There Delilah t,f, Bar Hopping—Twice Is Right
Inherent Resolve p,f, Fear The Dragon—Endowment
JK’s Rollin Baby p,f, JK Endofanera—Rock N Roll Baby
Kilee Rocks p,f, A Rocknroll Dance—McGibson
Kingofmyheart p,c, World Of Rocknroll—My Heart Was True
Lady Bombay p,f, Major Bombay—Western Wizard
Lou’s Lil Hershy t,c, Lou’s Legacy—Winning Blade
Magnificent Mark p,c, Rockin Image—Sir Lehigh Z Tam
Man In The Box p,c, American Ideal—Smashbox
Marvelousmissmabel p,f, A Rocknroll Dance—Sleazy Babe
Meadowbrook Nola t,f, Muscle Massive—J A’s Ayd
Miss Spicy t,f, Swan For All—Saucy
Mr Michelon t,c, Donato Hanover—Royal Melbourne
My First Time p,c, Always A Virgin—Nashville Blues
Ponda Adventure t,c, Swan For All—Wildflower
Pyramid p,c, Always A Virgin—Redhot’s Memory
Quarantini p,c, Huntsville—All On Top Hanover
Regents Hanover p,c, Betting Line—Rockincam Park
Ricorico t,c, Dover Dan—Magic Lindy
Rose Run Xany t,f, E L Titan—She’s Nutz
Rumored p,f, Sweet Lou-Major Crush
She’sahotmuffler p,f, Rockin Image—Whatifthere’smore
She’s Magical p,f, Rockin Image—Willow Gram
Stretch The Line p,c, Huntsville—Jessalilmixup
Sure Thing Herman p,c, Tellitlikeitis—One Sure Thing
Swan Trixie t,f, Swan For All—Temple Of Heaven
The Boss Man t,c, Muscle Mass—Stonebridge Encore
The Letter p,f, Fred And Ginger—Dragon Moon
The Longest Yard p,c, Rockin Image—Balinska Hanover
Titotito p,c, Ashlee’s Big Guy—Nannah Montana
Tony N Rock p,c, Rockin Image—Pandemonious
Topville Majestic t,f, Guccio—Miss Tequila
Western Era p,c, JK Endofanera—Western Charmer
Wish For Vodka p,c, Always B Miki—Regal Wish
Yes Indeed p,f, Huntsville—Please Me Please

Adjacent p,f, (p,2,1:54.4s, $4,000) Always B Miki—Geometry
Affinity Hanover p,f, Always A Virgin—Artaffection
Allforone Hanover t,c, (2,2:00.4, $7,794) Swan For All—Allamerican Phoebe
Alwaysshowfaith p,g, (p,2,1:55s, $9,805) Always A Virgin—Show Faith
Cane Gang t,c, Chapter Seven—Can Can Frisco
Bacardi t,c, (2,1:58.1f, $37,587) Southwind Frank—Strawberry Wine
Bet Ninteen p,g, (p,2,1:52.3f, $12,920) Betting Line—Ideal Nectarine
Bossy Linda p,f, (p,2,Q1:55f, $8,950) Roll With Joe—Ideal Ginny
Broad Strokes t,f, (2,2:01.2h, $44,753) Chapter Seven—Lady Marian
Captain Sleaze p,g, (p,2,1:53.3f, $85,057) A Rocknroll Dance—Da Sleazy One
Carrythetorchman p,c, (p,2,1:55.4h, $85,430) American Ideal—Kattimon
Certifiable p,c, Rockin Image—Psychotic
Crystal Beach p,f, Always B Miki—Gold Beach
Cschapeterone t,g, (2,Q2:01.1f) Chapter Seven—Chandler T
Dixie Chick p,f, (p,2,Q1:57.2f, $2,152) Somebeachsomewhere—Fashion Majorette
Dontbeafraidtowin t,c, Kadabra—Share My Secret
Exotic Sand p,g, American Ideal—Jus’ Chilln Out
Fox Valley Liza t,f, (2,1:56.1s, $121,734) Muscle Mass—Super Renee
Fox Valley Sampson p,g, (p,2,1:52.3, $9,660) JK Endofanera—LR Dancing Dream
Fox Valley Specter t,c, Whom Shall I Fear—Fox Valley Diva
Gd Rockin Kay p,f, (p,2,1:52.4s, $81,585) Rockin Image—Kayla’s Dream
Gettin Gone p,f, (p,2,1:57.2h, $8,250) So Surreal—Long Gone
Gucci Goo t,g, (2,1:59.1s, $18,381) Guccio—Love Child
Ivana Vinalot t,f, Guccio—Ivana Hanover
JK She’s Gordjus p,f, (p,2,1:53.3s, $52,242) JK Endofanera—Gordjus
Miss Zelda t,f, Explosive Matter—Sofia Letsgo
Myonly Sin t,f, (2,2:03.1, $64,750) Lou’s Legacy—Earli Valley
Night Owl Hanover t,c, E L Titan—Nightflix Hanover
Octave p,c, Always B Miki—Music City
Quick Six p,f, Somebeachsomewhere—Southwind Vanna
Railin’ Jennings p,c, (p,2,Q1:56.1s, $7,325) JK Endofanera—Cinnamon Girl
Skyway Victor p,g, (p,2,1:52.4s, $49,760) Tellitlikeitis—Vegas Date
Southern Road Trip p,c, Rockin Image—Dixiegirl
Swift Swanda t,f, (2,1:55.2s, $237,137) Swan For All—Cheetah Hall
The Papa Bear t,c, Swan For All—Sierra Glide
T’S Raider II p,g, (p,2,1:52.4s, $30,821) Rockin Image—Do Me Good
Well Basically p,g, (p,2,1:56.1, $66,233) Sagebrush—Basic Brown
With Or Without t,f, Conway Hall—Queen Of More

Kimberlie Miller Stable
Gems N Tonic t,f, Bar Hopping—Keystone Sapphire

Miss Maytrix t,f, Trixton—Marion Mayflower

Dr. Ian Moore Stable
Angelonia t,f, Archangel—Fabulous Tag
Century Inspector p,c, He’s Watching—Mary Bits
Flo p,f, Shadow Play—Bunkhouse Babe
Galleria Seelster p,f, Shadow Play—Goddess Princess
Icey Shadow p,c, Shadow Play—Icicle Angel
La Playa Deo p,c, Sunshine Beach—See And Be Seen
Merengue Seelster p,f, Sunshine Beach—Macapelo Rose
Ron p,c, Sportswriter—Doubelieveinmagic
Shadow Moon Rising p,c, Shadow Play—Lofty Yankee
Theresa Blue Chip p,f, Shadow Play—Advantest

Alumni Seelster p,f, (p,2,1:52.2s, $104,550) State Treasurer—Atlantic Seelster
Andra Day p,f, (p,2,1:54.1f, $95,289) Shadow Play—Frame Worthy
Lady Arthur p,f, (p,2,1:53.2f, $60,931) Arthur Blue Chip—April Three
Lawless Shadow p,c, (p,2,1:52.1s, $232,439) Shadow Play—Ladycino

older horses
Tattoo Artist p,h,4 (p,3,1:48.2s, $694,663) He’s Watching—Stylish Artist
Century Farroh p,h,5 (p,4,1:49s, $1,235,588) Mach Three—Beachy Girl

Pinske Stable
Adore Me t,f, Father Patrick—Sleep Tight My Luv
Boss Brat t,f, Cantab Hall—Define Royalty
Double Deceiver t,c, Cantab Hall—Sarcy
Golden Glider t,c, Cantab Hall—Highland Glider
Gonna B Hanover t,c, Father Patrick—Graceful Style
Hood Party p,f, Betting Line—Robin Cruiser
Horizon p,f, Somebeachsomewhere—Live Entertainment
Lilbitalexis t,f, Walner—Jolie De Vie
Mexican Hanover p,f, Somebeachsomewhere—Mesmerize Bluechip
Patrick Hanover t,c, Father Patrick—Passionate Glide
Pauline Hanover t,f, Father Patrick—Passageway
Shipnstrol Hanover p,f, Captaintreacherous—Social Scene
Southwind Caine t,c, Father Patrick—Counter Pointe
Spendthemoneyhoney t,f, Muscle Hill—Overdraft Volo
Top Rank t,c, Cantab Hall—Topcat Hall
Trinity Hanover t,f, Cantab Hall—Twice A Night

Babyiloveyourway t,f, Muscle Hill—Baby Bella
Broken p,c, Somebeachsomewhere—Robin Cruiser
Fire Start Hanover p,f, (p,2,1:50.3, $592,562) Somebeachsomewhere—Fit To Frame
Jack Fire t,g (2,1:56f, $186,681) Cantab Hall—Jolie De Vie
Soukup Blue Chip t,f, (2,Q1:56.3, $12,408) Chapter Seven—Sirenuse
Steel t,g, (2,1:59h, $152,161) Chapter Seven—Pink Power
Venerate t,c, (2,1:51.4, $772,914) Love You—Peaceful Kemp

older horse
Amigo Volo t,g, (3,1:50.2f, $1,550,044) Father Patrick—Margarita Momma

Two Days Stable/Richard and Joan Day
Two Days Luckystone t,f Wishing Stone—Oceana Hanover

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