The next big thing — Online Transfer

Columbus, OH — Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you can now initiate a private sale ownership transfer online. The U.S. Trotting Association is proud to reveal this time-saving feature through your USTA MyAccount.

“The way you transfer horses will be changed forever,” explained TC Lane, the USTA’s COO. “This is the very thing we at the USTA strive to do each and every day. Even with existing methods, we take your processes and attempt to make them smoother, faster and proceed in a manner that will benefit all the parties involved. The USTA has a creative team with a list of projects sitting on the tarmac we can’t wait to dive into.”

Current USTA members have access to Online Transfer one of two ways:

— by visiting your My Horses “Currently Owned” section of MyAccount
— via Online Services — Horse

Once you select the horse to transfer, enter the date of sale, the new owner’s name(s) and checkout — it’s that easy.

When listing new owners, you will search the USTA database by name (include optional city and/or state to narrow down the results) or membership number and their information that is on file with the USTA will auto populate. If you cannot find the person (or stable) you are looking for, manually enter their contact information and USTA member services will be notified for follow-up. Buyers and/or sellers can be USTA or Standardbred Canada members but the person purchasing the Online Transfer must be a current USTA member.

After the transfer has been submitted, the sellers and/or the first listed buyer will be notified to confirm the sale (if they are not the person who purchased the Online Transfer). If an email is on file, an email will be sent notifying them that confirmation is needed; if one is not on file, a letter will be mailed.

As the Online Transfer purchaser, you can view the status of the transfer, with specified hold up reasons, via the improved “Work in Progress” section of your USTA MyAccount. For example, if the horse has hard copy registration papers, you must still return them to the USTA for the ownership transfer to complete and the “Work in Progress” section will list that reason.

Please note that when a horse has a transfer currently pending, including horses purchased out of a sale that utilizes the USTA eSales system, you cannot complete the transfer using Online Transfer nor stack another subsequent transfer on top of the already pending ownership transfer.

The USTA has produced a tutorial ( on how to use Online Transfer. If you have questions or need help with Online Transfer, please call 877.800.8782 or e-mail

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