USTA members invited to first-ever online District Meetings

Columbus, OH — For the first time ever, the U.S. Trotting Association District Meetings will be held virtually, online rather than in person on site. As usual, all district members are welcome to attend.

For members to participate, the free Zoom app will need to be downloaded to their computer or device in advance of the meeting. The meetings will be conducted on the Zoom Webinar platform.

In addition, the USTA must have the current email associated with the member’s account so that we can communicate specific instructions on how to participate. Members will receive those directions via email from the USTA 30 days before their meeting, then again as a reminder a week in advance.

To see the complete schedule of District Meetings, click here.

The agenda for each meeting will include messages from both USTA President Russell Williams and Executive Vice President Mike Tanner as well as voting on rule change proposals and discussions of other district business.

To see the complete list of rule change proposals, click here.

All meetings will be recorded and archived.

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