AHC announces 2023 Economic Impact Study

Washington, DC — The American Horse Council Foundation has launched a new fundraising platform through its partnership with DonorBox ©.

AHC President Julie Broadway stated, “We are proud to offer this robust, efficient, and secure method to reach donors and help support these important and worthwhile initiatives. We are very excited about some of the great features DonorBox offers including a donor wall where donors can leave messages; social media campaign sharing to attract more interest, and goal meters to help track our progress. We also love that it automatically sends thank you notes and tax receipts to donors.”

As AHC and the AHC Foundation are not government subsidized, nor does AHC or AHCF receive any funding through check-off programs like some livestock groups, AHC relies on contributions, sponsorships, and advertising to fund the study.

Donations can be made here.

The reasons for conducting an economic impact study are many:

1. Major economic changes have occurred. Not only have business closures and resulting federal stimulus programs related to the pandemic had a major impact, but the equine industry has adapted to historic changes made to the tax code since 2017.
2. Creates awareness of and an interest in the equine industry
3. Helps provide positive relationships, including congressional and media relations
4. Identifies local partners and supporters and offers an opportunity to recognize those relationships
5. Identifies the industry as a player in the local, state and national economy
6. Allows the industry to advertise itself by first identifying its contributions

“We really need everyone in the equine industry to lean in and help us fundraise to get this important project accomplished. We hope AHC members will share this with friends and family through their newsletters and social media. There are approximately 2M horse owners in the US and if everyone gave just a small contribution, as the saying goes “many hands make light work.”

For more information click here.

All donations to the AHC Foundation are tax-deductible. The American Horse Council Foundation is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; EIN 52-1760034. Thank you for your support!

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