Drama at Solvalla

After 3-5/8 miles the French trotter Izoard Vedaquais, trained by Philippe Allaire and with Benjamin Rochard in the bike, was hailed as the winner of Saturday’s (May 25) main event at Solvalla, The Harper Hanovers Race.

Harper Hanovers Race is a two-mile race (3,140 meters) but after 1-5/8 miles an incident occurred back in the field and a loose trotter made the judges recall the race.

In Europe we don’t have any outriders.

It was decided to start the race again after an hour, and 12 of the 15 declared trotters came back to race.

Despite the fuss and the extended distance he had to trot, 6-year-old French trotter Izoard Vedaquais with Benjamin Rochard was a very easy winner in a new world record for the distance, 1:54f.

The purse for the winner was $65,000.

“The Little Elitlopp,” Sweden Cup was won by 9-year-old Missle Hill (sired by Muscle Hill) with Ôrjan Kihlström in the bike and trained by Daniel Redén. Missle Hill won the final in 1:51.4f and got $40,000 for the win. Missle Hill advanced to the final by winning an elimination in 1:51.2.

The two other eliminations were both won by Italian trotters — Diamond Truppo in 1:52.2f and Always Ek in 1:50.2f.

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