Foal registration deadline Dec. 31

Columbus, OH — With Dec. 31 quickly approaching, it is time to finalize your 2018 Foal Registrations.

Whether your mare had a live foal or not, you can do all your reporting online, 24 hours a day/7 days a week, just follow these simple steps:

•Log-in to your USTA MyAccount

•Click on Broodmare Activity from the “My Horses” section

•Select the mare whose foal you want to report by clicking the “Live Foal” or “No Foal” link. By clicking “Live Foal”, you can continue with the foal registration process.

Don’t forget that the Mating Certificate must be postmarked or electronically released by the stallion owner by Dec. 31 in order to get the $175 pricing on your foal registration. You can check to see if a Mating Certificate has been received at the USTA when you are in your “Broodmare Activity” in MyAccount.

You can still send a Foal Registration Application or Live Foal/No Foal Report by mail, email or fax. No matter which way you choose, don’t forget to register your foal by the postmarked date of Dec. 31.

If you have any questions, please contact Member Services at 877.800.8782 or

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