Purse increase projected for Michigan Sire Stakes

Lansing, MI — Based on recent conversations with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD), the Michigan Harness Horsemen’s Association is projecting that Michigan Sire Stakes events will have a minimum purse level of roughly $65,000 per division in 2022.

As the MHHA works with MDARD and state legislature, they believe that not only is this purse structure sustainable for 2023 and beyond, but that purses are expected to grow even higher with a goal of having the 2023 Sire Stakes offer purse levels of at least $75,000 per division.

While the state’s annual budget won’t be finalized until later this year, the MHHA is optimistic about the purse increase and wanted to advise horsepeople there is still time left in the 2022 breeding season for individuals interested in booking their mares to Michigan stallions.

The MHHA is confident that it can replicate other summer stakes programs that exist for Michigan-sired horses, including the Great Lakes Stake, the Spartan Stakes, and the six-week Michigan-sired Colt Stakes programs. The continued inclusion of these programs should offer more earning opportunities for Michigan-sired horses and help boost breeders’ awards payments, currently up to 10 percent of purses, for those who continue to breed to and support Michigan stallions.

The MHHA is proud that the growth of these programs for Michigan-sired horses has not precluded them from maintaining programs for Michigan-bred horses, including the eight-week mixed company Colt Stakes with a new fair final, and the Breeders Stakes.

Individuals with questions or concerns are advised to email the MHHA at info@MHHA.com.

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