Steve Wiseman getting back on track at Running Aces

Columbus, MN — Driver Steve Wiseman is doing ‘whatever it takes’ to beat cancer, and beat the competition on the racetrack at Running Aces.

Wiseman got some very bad news in late winter of last year when he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer with indications in multiple organs. It was a diagnosis that would have rendered most people into defeat, but not Steve. From the very first hints of trouble to the very serious diagnosis, Wiseman was adamant that he would fight the cancer every step of the ‘mile.’

Steve Wiseman is back in action at Running Aces. Dee Leftwich photo.

With tremendous support from his lovely wife and working partner, Kathie Plested, his daughter, Tyler, and his extended family and with the support of the entire harness racing world behind him, Wiseman has been fighting the battle every day since that fateful diagnosis.

Steve and Kathie have expressed how deeply moved they have been by all of the support and love that was shown to him during his time of need. So many people reached out to the Wiseman family and offered their love, prayers and financial support. The out-pouring of love and giving came from the far reaches of the harness racing community, from casual fans to fellow drivers to horse owners and even Mr. Harness Racing himself, John Campbell. There were support campaigns that sold t-shirts or hats or wristbands. There were gofundme pages and there were prayer chains, and social media outlets were flooded with the hashtag #WisemanStrong.

All of the prayers and positive vibes have helped Wiseman to fight the fight every day, and have helped him get to where he is now — back at the races where he has always belonged.

The battles have been tough, but they have been won, the current reports from doctors are extremely positive at this time, and recent scans have detected little to no cancer. Wiseman indicates that he is feeling good and he is more than ready to get back to racing. He would like to put some weight back on and notes that one of the side effects of his treatments has been poor appetite and weight loss, but he hopes to be able to put some pounds back on soon.

Wiseman was very excited to get back to racing when I spoke to him the day before he would make his first qualifying starts of the summer, and he noted,.“I’m ready to get back racing and i feel this is the one way I can give back to all of those who supported me, to get back out there and drive for them; that is the one thing that I can do.”

Well, that is exactly what all of his fans and supporters wanted as well, and he has delivered.

On Saturday (June 13) at Running Aces, ‘The Magician’ picked up a nice 1:57.2 qualifying win with Queenace Blue Chip after orchestrating a perfect pocket trip, and also steered Royale Big Guy to a solid second from off the pace, timed in 1:58.4. Both horses are from his own barn and trained by wife Kathie Plested.

Wiseman looked good on the track, he looked sharp and he looked like someone who was in his element. Prayers do get answered and if you are determined to fight and give it all you’ve got, you can defeat most any obstacle. Steve Wiseman will tell you that and he will keep on fighting this fight, day after day and race after race.

The Running Aces horsemen community is so happy to have the resident ‘Magician’ back on the stage and doing ‘whatever it takes’ to win against cancer and to win on the racetrack.

He will be on the track and competing to try and capture his third local driving title (He was leading driver in 2017 and 2018) when the live racing season opens at Running Aces on Saturday (June 20) at 1 p.m. (CDT).

This summer, amid capacity restrictions and other protocols related to COVID-19, Running Aces will be conducting all of its live racing programs in the afternoon, and due to the season’s belated start, will race into the month of October for the first time in the track’s 13-year history.

Live racing will take place on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays through the summer with the exception of a special Friday card on July 3 and no racing on July 4. There are also three added Wednesday racing days in September (16, 23 and 30). The season will conclude on Saturday (Oct. 4).

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