USTA offers microchip scanners to adoption/rescue organizations

Columbus, OH — The USTA is now offering microchip scanners free, or at a reduced cost, to equine adoption programs and rescue groups that have assisted ex-racehorses in the past. The Board of Directors approved a $10,000 line item at their 2021 annual meeting to fund scanner distribution.

“Our Board approved the use of microchips to identify horses in 2010, and, for foals of 2019 and beyond, chips became the primary means of identification,” said the USTA’s Executive Vice President and CEO Mike Tanner, who proposed the initiative to the finance committee. “It is important that we assist equine adoption programs with identifying our horses and this program, in conjunction with our Free Horse Search, does just that.”

Equine adoption agencies and rescues can fill out this application to be part of the microchip scanner distribution program. Agencies must be a current non-profit organization as per the IRS and registered in the state where they are primarily located. Each agency can request up to three scanners, of which there are two types available: Bluetooth and basic. More information about the scanners and the program are available in the cover letter that is included with the application.

To watch a video explanation and demonstration of the microchipping process hosted by the USTA’s Wendy Ross with Midland Acres’ doctors John Mossbarger and Bob Schwartz, click here.

Questions about the microchip scanner distribution program at the USTA can be directed to Jessica Schroeder at or 614.224.2291, ex. 3212.

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