Home Talent Colt Stakes to offer ‘starting guarantee’

Berlin Center, OH — The Home Talent Colt Stakes has passed for 2019 the ‘starting guarantee.’

All horses who start in any of the 15 fairs in the circuit will be guaranteed a performance fee of $75 if they finish out of the money (sixth, seventh, eighth or ninth). The performance fee will be paid out of the starting fees that are paid at declaration. The remaining money will be added to the purse. When five or less horses are entered in a race, no performance fee will be paid.

In an effort to support the harness racing industry in Ohio, the directors of the HTCS felt this was long overdue and that the time was right to institute the program.

“This is a first in Ohio and has been very well received with horsemen from across the state. Surveys were completed over the summer of 2018 and the decision was easy to make. All indications are that this will be a very successful program,” said Elwood Woolman, Secretary/Treasurer of the Home Talent Colt Stakes.

The HTCS is a member of the Buckeye Fair Racing Consortium. The BFRC is piloting the program and supports its implementation. Innovation and a progressive view of Ohio harness racing is part of what the BFRC does.

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