Pacer featured in New Endurance Riding Book

from the USTA Communications Department

Columbus, OH — Are you looking for a new career for your trotter or pacer? Ever consider endurance riding?

If so, then you should read Triangle Ranch Communications’ Endurance 101: a gentle guide to the sport of long-distance riding, the first book written specifically for beginning endurance riders by Aarene Storms.

Most endurance horses are Arabs; however, since the author’s own endurance horse is a pacer from Fraser Downs in Canada, she advocates using “the horse you have” — especially if the horse you have is a Standardbred.

Storms uses the lessons she has learned in her more than 10 years of competition and combines them with practical advice from other experienced endurance riders. Riders seeking a straightforward, easy-to-read book will love Endurance 101’s mix of narrative and practical, step-by-step advice on everything from packing the trailer to keeping their horse sane, sound and safe through the conditioning process.

In addition, Standardbreds are featured on both covers and throughout the book in photographs by Monica Bretherton, including the author’s own “Naked Willow” on the back cover.

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