Fairs can apply for free consultation for track rebuild project

by Jessica Schroeder, assistant fair liaison, the U.S. Trotting Association

Columbus, OH — Spring time can bring a muddy mess, sinkholes and washouts to many fairgrounds racetracks and training centers. If this sounds like your fairgrounds, Charles E. Coon & Sons, Inc., well known for their track consultations at the biggest tracks in the world, would like to help out.

They are offering their consultation services, free of charge, to a selected fairgrounds for a comprehensive rebuild of the track. Please note that this is not for minor repair and requires a lot of work from the selected track. Special consideration will be given to tracks that host year round training.

The following will need to be provided by the selected track, but costs can be offset through donations and/or fundraisers:

  • 4,000-5,000 tons of fill (stone dust or clay)
  • 1 survey crew
  • 1 grader with operator
  • 1 6-way dozer with operator
  • 1 vibratory roller with operator
  • 1 water truck with operator
  • 1 track conditioner
  • 1 40-60 horsepower tractor with operator
  • 1 material spreader with operator
  • 1 loader/backhoe
  • basic traveling costs for the consultation crew

“Equipment and surveying could be sourced through your local municipality,” Dan Coon explained. “Or the fill material could be sourced from the site. With proper planning and rain-free weather, this is a 10-14 day project.”

If interested, please click here and fill out the Letter of Intent Application and return to the USTA Tracks Department, either via e-mail (jessica.schroeder@ustrotting.com) or print out and send via fax to (614) 224-4575 or mail. Letters of intent are due May 15, 2009.

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