Pennsylvania Fairs benefit from anonymous donation

from the Pennsylvania Fair HHA

An anonymous Pennsylvania breeder has opted to reinvest the financial award he recently received from that state, rewarding breeders for the performance of horses that were bred and raced in Pennsylvania.

The breeder will give a total of $5,000, to be used strictly for harness racing promotion, to the 15 Pennsylvania fairs that host harness racing. The amount works out to $333 per fair. Each fair has received an application for the funds, which is due May 15. It is expected that funds will be dispersed by May 30.

“I think it’s important to reinvest in your product,” said the breeder. “We need a strong industry from top to bottom and the fairs are the bedrock of racing for both new fans and developing horses and horsemen. I hope other breeders will join me in strengthening the grassroots of our sport.”

“We are pleased that fair purses are on the upswing with the rise in the equine economy in Pennsylvania,” says Terry Schoeffel, president of the Pennsylvania Fair Harness Horsemen’s Association. “This grant will give us a chance to show off our racing for new and existing fans. It is a good development for the whole sport.”

Also, the Pennsylvania harness racetracks have forsaken their “redistribution” portion of Sire Stakes money to give it to the fairs for expenses related to harness racing. Each of the fairs will be receiving approximately $3,320 through this particular act of largesse.

For more information about the Pennsylvania Fair Harness Horsemen’s Association or to help sponsor promotional events at fairs, go to the Web site, or contact President Terry Schoeffel at or Secretary Sue Brickell at

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