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Columbus, OH — Stakes season is starting to gear up with the first Grand Circuit event, the Blue Chip Matchmaker, going to post on Friday (March 17) at Yonkers. The U.S. Trotting Association would like to remind all horsemen that stakes and early/late closers that were submitted for the Stakes Guide are available on the interactive Feature Races webpage of ustrotting.com.

Upcoming events have links directly to entries for that race. Races that are listed but not hyperlinked were either not yet drawn; may not have filled; or are upcoming Canadian Featured Races. Races scheduled through Dec. 31, 2023 are searchable on the webpage.

The default display is races scheduled for the next 30 days, but users can adjust the start and end dates to the timeframe they wish to see. After adjusting the timeframe, users can then type the race name or track in the search box so not to scroll through pages of scheduled races. You can then also sort by any of the columns (ASG, purse, track, etc.).

The races are listed as originally scheduled and submitted to the USTA by the track or race sponsor. If races are rescheduled, updates will be made accordingly when the track and/or race sponsor reports the change. If there is a rescheduled race date, look at the new date chronologically for additional changes (track, purse update, etc.).

Users can also search for races held within the past year by adjusting the start and end dates. For races held within the last seven days, charts are free to view; races held longer than seven days ago or in Canada will prompt the user to log in to Pathway to view the chart.

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