Pandy picks seven on top at the Meadowlands

Columbus, OH – handicapper Bob Pandolfo had seven on top winners in 14 races at the Meadowlands on Saturday night (March 4), including the first five as he picked the Pick-5 cold, which paid $87.20 for a $0.20 cent wager.

Pandy’s top winners paid $17.20, $11.60, $9.20, $6, $3.40, $3.40, and $2.20.

The cold Early Double paid $69.20 and the cold 12th race Exacta paid $29.

Friday night (March 3), Pandy hit the $220.50 Pick-4 on his Pick-4 plays, and also had six top winners, giving him 13 top winners in 28 races (46%) for the two nights.

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