Submit your training questions to Hoof Beats–and get answers

by Nicole Kraft

Have questions about training your horse? Hoof Beats is here to help!

Hoof Beats introduces the monthly column “Training Trip,” in which leading trainers will answer the conditioning questions our readers want answered. Simply submit your question to, and read Hoof Beats every month to get the answers from trainers who have won the Hambletonian and Breeders Crowns, as well as those who handle overnight and conditioned horses. Whether it is feeding, training, equipment, shipping, etc., these trainers—and Hoof Beats—are there to help you get the answers you need to get to the winner’s circle!

Hoof Beats—Reporting with Horsepower!

(Questions may also be submitted via mail to Training Trip, Hoof Beats, 750 Michigan Ave., Columbus, OH 43215; via fax to 614.222.6791; or by phone at 614.224.2291, ext. 3233.)

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