Thoroughbred trainer George Weaver faces two-year suspension for metformin positive

Columbus, OH – The Thoroughbred Daily News reports that another Thoroughbred trainer, George Weaver, whose groom has a prescription for the diabetes medicine metformin, is facing a possible two-year suspension for having a horse test positive for that drug.

Thoroughbred trainer George Weaver is facing a possible two-year suspension from the HIWU for a metformin positive. Sarah Andrew photo.

In the story, Bill Finley reports, “According to the Horseracing Integrity and Welfare Unit (HIWU) a horse trained by New York-based conditioner George Weaver has tested positive for the banned substance metformin.”

According to the story, Weaver is the sixth Thoroughbred trainer to get a metformin positive.

Weaver joins Mike Lauer, Jonathan Wong and four other trainers who have had horses test positive for metformin. The metformin positives have been controversial because of the number of people who take it for diabetes, which raises the possibility of environmental contamination.”

Finley wrote, “Weaver has asked for a test on a split sample and will be allowed to continue to train pending the results of that test.

“The horse in question is Anna’s Wish (Dialed In) and the alleged violation occurred after she was tested following the March 16 Cicada S. at Aqueduct in which she finished third. Metformin is listed as a banned substance by HIWU, which means Weaver faces a possible suspension of up to two years.

“Metformin is a drug used to treat diabetes in people. With more than 20 million patients taking it, metformin ranks as the nation’s third-most-prescribed human medicine, according to the consumer healthcare website Healthgrades.”

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