McGhee’s Mile 2024 winter training roster

Aiken, SC — Here is the 2024 winter training roster for McGhee’s Mile in Aiken, S.C.

The annual McGhee’s Mile Matinee will take place on Saturday (March 9) at noon. This year’s weather has been unseasonably warm and pleasant.

Rosy Weaver Stable
Trainer: Rosy Weaver
Second trainer: Robin Miller
Asst. trainers: Joe Yoder and Paul Ungashick
Grooms: Josiah Yoder, Amanda Keim, Esther Miller, Edi Lopez, Kezia Fellows, Tirzah Fellows

Eckert Hill Addie t, Triumphant Caviar-Carrie The Torch
Pink Jammies p, Fear The Dragon-Think Pink
Sassy Sally t, Marseille-Visioness K
Dixie Road t, Uncle Peter-Sawmill Road
LT Ella t, Long Tom-Ariella
Risky Hill t, What The Hill-Risky Deal
Wild Child Annie t, Long Tom-Teacher Pat
Fancy’s Lightning t, And Away We Go-Fancy Sierra Star
Dancing Nova t, What The Hill-Zorgwijk Nova
Millie Mae t, Long Tom-Agenda Tom Ridge
Perfect In Pink t, Uncle Peter-Pink Ribbons
Sunny Skye t, Full Count-Lima Skye
Me Montana t, Pastor Stephen-Itsnot U Itsme

Beat The Odds t, What The Hill-Somebody To Love
Surge Again t, Full Count-Super Katrina
Silverton t, Marseille-Turquoise Sweetie
Howl n Storm t, Stormin Normand-One Last Howl
Glamorous Pete t, Uncle Peter-Globally Glamourous
Ryan The Lion t, Uncle Peter-Stage Show
Quick Slick p, Lather Up-Marlee B
Across The Atlantic t, Marseille-Win Doctor
Quintuplet t, What The Hill-Vandy’s Magic
Bounding Delight p, Fear The Dragon-Bound To Be Good
Uncle Rip t, Uncle Peter-Fire N Flood
Spend The Prize t, Enterprise-Spend It In
Salisbury Rd Apple p, Mr Apples-Salisbury Road

Rose Run Zoom t, g, 2,1:57.4h ($103,851) Uncle Peter–Loconotion
You Don’t Fool Me t, g, 2,2:00h ($37,767) Long Tom-Ariella
Smooth Talkin t, g, 2,Q2:00.1h ($37,882) What The Hill-Time To Talk
Heza Fisher t, g, Global Republic S-Sheza Lavec
Sir Cactus Jax t, g, 2,2:06.1h ($40,518) Volstead-Rosie Run Nellie
Adventureful Pete t, g, 2,2:05.2h ($24,930) Uncle Peter-Tagalong Kendra
I Go I Go t, g, 2,2:07.4h ($13,834) Long Tom-Come On We Go
CS Door Prize t, g, 2,2:02.3h ($16,846) Enterprise-Open Door Policy
Flexy Lady t, m, ($5,674) Flex The Muscle-Squires Princess
Eckert Hill Carrie t, m, 2,2:05.4h ($19,879) Uncle Peter-Carrie the Torch
Itty Bitty Blue t, m, 2,2:02.4h ($17,085) Full Count-Blue And Blue
Hopeful Dreams t, m, 2,2:01h ($12,488) Long Tom-Stand Up Babe
Ms Enterprise t, m, Enterprise-Sand Lauren Blu
Tady Hill t, m, 2,Q2:01.4h ($3,204) What The Hill-UF Tady’s Donato
One Fancy Lady t, m, 2,1:58h ($38,327) Long Tom-Queen Of Lavec
Race Day t, g, ($10,232) Creatine-Iluvulikealuvsong

Older Horses
Republic Return t, g, 4, 3,1:56.f ($139,746) Global Republic S-Fantasy’s-Chipchip
A Real Legend t, g, 4, 2,1:55h ($151,961) Uncle Peter-Pink Ribbons

Garry W. Martin Stable
Trainer: Garry W Martin
2nd Trainer: Eric Goodell
Grooms: Julie Goodell, Samuel Allen, Steven Allen

My Girl Lizzie p, Well Said-Radar Trap
Polly Grey t, Enterprise-Zakarina
Brownie Points t, Enterprise-Tagalong Kendra
Dani’s Dream t, Uncle Peter-SJ’s Proposal
Supergirl Molly t, Muscle Mass-Crown Laurel
TH Balli C p, Captain Crunch-Ballineen

The Onyx Dragon p, Fear The Dragon-D G’s Shadowsbell
Rockers Legend t, Dream Rocker-Bullville Ata Girl
DJ Watson t, What The Hill-Miss Kendra D

Sarah Said p, f, 2,1:53.2f ($71,641) Well Said-Hidden Play

Older Horses
Global Girl t, m, 4, 3,1:53.3f ($286,478) Global Republic S-Bullville Ata Girl
Along In Time t, m, 4, 3,1:54.4h ($112,746) Long Tom-G Momma
Go Long t, g, 5, 4,1:54.4f ($48,020) Long Tom-Nickie K

James P. Graham Stable
Trainer: James P. Graham

Evander Hanover p, g, Stay Hungry-Eight Mile Hanover
Up Again p, Lather Up-Lioness Hanover
Rabbi David p, g, Lazarus N-Senorita Santanna

Rocky D. Ward Stable
Trainer: Rocky D. Ward
Groom: Karen Ward

Fancy Dragon p, m, 2,1:59.3h ($12,445) Fear The Dragon-Fancy Filly
Dragon My Peanuts p, c, Fear The Dragon-Peanutbutter Shake

Janis McGhee Stable
Trainer: Janis McGhee
Assistant Trainer: Clem Lee

Older Horses
Hunky Hanover p, g, 5, 4,1:54.3h ($43,793) Betting Line-Hottie Hanover
Tricking Society t, g, 5, Trixton-Inspired Society

Bruce McGhee Jr. Stable
Trainer: Bruce McGhee Jr.

My Bartender p, Captain Crunch-My Fleet Delight

Charles (Clem) R. Lee Jr. Stable
Trainer: Clem Lee

Good Shepherd t, g, Coraggioso-Saracuda

Ella Leopard Stable
Trainer: Ella Leopard

Older Horse
Keystone Tully t, g, 4, International Moni-Keystone Tempo

John McKeon Stable
Trainer: John McKeon

Snow Cone Hanover t, Father Patrick-Snowflake Hanover

Older Horse
Over Board t, m, 4, 3,1:53.4 ($103,857) Father Patrick-Northern Starlight

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