MGM Northfield Park Sunday guaranteed pools

Northfield, OH – MGM Northfield Park has announced the addition of a $40,000 20-cent Super High Five and a $20,000 Pick-5 total pool guarantees for Sunday (Sept. 13).

Offered in race 13, the $40,000 Super High Five guaranteed total pool includes a carryover of $8,620.

The $20,000 Pick-5 guaranteed total pool starts in race two with a carryover of $4,625.

Theses wager are being offered as part of the Strategic Wagering Program through the United States Trotting Association.

Northfield’s Pick-5, Pick-4s, Pick-3s and 20-cent¢ Super High Five offer a reduced takeout rate of just 14 percent.

Sunday’s (Sept. 13) first post time is 6 p.m.

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