$500 cash in free USHWA Hambo contest

Coral Springs, FL – The United States Harness Writers Association has combined resources with several of the leading people and organizations in the industry to co-sponsor the USHWA/Scott Alberg’s monthly handicapping contests on Facebook.

The next event is this Saturday (Aug. 7), the Hambletonian, and features the overall first-place prize winner netting $500 in cash. The second and third place winners will also receive special prizes. And there is no entry fee, so you do not have to pay to play.

Many thanks go to the Nancy Takter Stable for sponsoring this week’s cash prize.

To collect the cash, entrants must select the winner of the Hambletonian Trot final. The contest commences when the judges supply the official race entries, which will be posted on Alberg’s Facebook page on Thursday. Contestants need to choose the winner either by their name or post position number.

If more than three correct answers are submitted, then a drawing will take place with all the correct winners and the first three names drawn will win the three prizes.

Current USHWA members cannot enter the contest.

To enter the contest, fans must go to Alberg’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/scott.alberg.3. All contest winners will have their name posted after the event with the final rankings after the drawings.

USHWA will also be promoting the monthly contests not only on Facebook, but with press releases and via Twitter and Instagram.

The prize drawings for the winners will take place Saturday evening (Aug. 7) at 9 p.m. with a live presentation by USHWAN’s Garnet and Nicholas Barnsdale on the USHWA Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/USHarnessWriters/.

To participate in this year’s handicapping contests as a sponsor please contact Steve Wolf at stevenwolf1956@gmail.com or call 954.654.3757.

For more information check out Scott Alberg’s Facebook Page, USHWA’s Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram accounts or the USHWA website at www.usharnesswriters.com.

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