Diamond Creek to open New York farm

Wellsville, PA — Fresh off the announcement about world champion Lather Up standing at Diamond Creek in 2020, Diamond Creek is pleased to announce the opening of a New York farm, which will be located in Davenport at the former Buttermilk Farm property.

“We have wanted to be able to expand into the New York breeding industry for a while now,” said Diamond Creek’s Adam Bowden, “but haven’t been able to find the right situation or timing to do so until now.”

Lather Up, who equaled Always B Miki‘s world record of 1:46, will be the first stallion to stand at the New York location, but plans are to add more stallions to the New York roster.

“Our goal as a farm moving into 2020 was to grow not only our stallion roster but also our reach,” said Bowden. “Moving into different markets is something we have been working towards, and we are very excited about this new chapter for Diamond Creek.”

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