Driving School registration remains open

by Chip Hastings, the United States Trotting Association

Columbus, OH — It is not too late to register to be part of the 2014 USTA Driving School. The USTA is conducting its 16th annual Driving School in just over a month, June 11-June 15, in the Goshen, N.Y. area.

Students who attend the Driving School come from all walks of life and comfort levels with equines. The school is very much “hands-on” with a lot of great knowledge given by the instructors and lecturers.

There is even a new “advanced” course for prior graduates of the school who will have the opportunity, in addition to the regular schedule of activities, to travel (ship) to racetracks and observe the paddocking and racing of horses.

Anyone interested in attending the USTA Driving School can get full details and registration information at www.USTADrivingSchool.com.

Don’t delay — register now.

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