Dunn and Svanstedt to drive Saturday, Sunday at Solvalla

Bromma, Sweden –  Not only are Dexter Dunn and Ake Svanstedt going to drive in the Elitlopp Solvalla on Sunday afternoon (May 28), but they have both picked up drives at Solvalla on Saturday (May 27) and in other races on the card on Sunday as well.

Svanstedt is going to drive seven times, one of them with a cold-blooded trotter, and Dexter Dunn will drive in six races total.

Free program pages for Saturday are available at https://www.solvalla.se/media/attachments/2023/05/22/230527_solvalla_v75.pdf

Free program pages for Sunday can be found at https://www.solvalla.se/media/attachments/2023/05/22/230528_solvalla_v75.pdf

Ake Svanstedt will drive:

Race 4: 9 Kavaleren – trained by Jan-Olov Persson
Race 6: 4 Ballerina Indika – trained by Jörgen S Eriksson
Race 9: 10 Pure Attack -trained by Flemming Jensen

Race 2: 12 Albert Zonett – trained by Robert Bergh
Race 4: 9 Esperia Font – trained by Alessandro Gocciadoro
Race 5 – Cold blood trotters: 1 B.W.Rune – trained by Jan-Olov Persson
Race 7 – Elitlopp elim: 4 Hail Mary -trained by Daniel Redén

Dexter Dunn will drive:

Race 3: 1 Synergy – trained by Alessandro Gocciadoro.
Race 5: 9 Riet Hazelaar – trained by Dion Tesselaar.
Race 13: 4 Dareios di Poggio – trained by Björn Goop

Race 4: 1 Kitty Hawk – trained by Stefan P Pettersson
Race 6 – Elitlopp elim.: 3 Stoletheshow – trained by Frode Hamre
Race 10: 7 Pure Muscle – trained by Reijo Liljendahl

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