Gilcrest Training Center roster announced

Bell, FL — Gilcrest Training Center is proud to announce their training roster for 2024, below are the trainers and their talented stars who will be stabled there.

Bill Beechy Stable
Trainer: Bill Beechy

KB’S Checked Out, 2fp, Check Six–Out Of Sight
KB’S Flying Mane, 2fp, Odds On Equuleus–Uphill Rockin Rita

KB’S Summer Breeze, 3fp, JK Endofanera–Out of Sight

older horses
KB’SSweetcaroline, 4fp, Shady Shark Hanover–Armbro Abstract
Swan Nike, 4mt, Swan For All–Celebrity Nike
Out To Get Lucky, 5gp, Luck Be With You–Out Of Sight
Head Games, 5gt, Swan For All–Southwind Goddess
JK Going West, 6gp, JK Endofanera–Southwest

Jay Cross Stable
Trainer: Jay Cross

Lucifermorningstar, 2hp, JK Endofanera–Gold Star Mysti
One Sweet JK, 2mp, JK Endofanera–Sweetsgetintheway

EQ’s Lady Desire, 3mp, Real Desire–E Q Three
Itsanothermiracle, 3mp, Freaky Feet Pete–It’s A Miracle
Knowyoucando, 3gt, You Know You Do–Appomattox Lady
Nohelpneeded, 3gt, Helpisontheway-Flora
Pinecraftteaparty, 3mt, Helpisontheway–Oakwood Tea Party

older horses
Know Stopping Now, 4ht, You Know You Do–Aunt Susie
Sure Do, 4mt, You Know You Do–Challax Hanover
Walkin On Sunshine, 4mp, Always A Virgin–Hatsoff Hanover

Ivan Davies Stable
Trainer: Ivan Davies

Little Shot, 2mt, Noble Venture–Bartrix

Bud Lite, 3ht, Six Pack-Rosslyn Chapel
Hes Limitless, 3ht, Six Pack-Moots
Pepper Wow, 3ht, Six Pack–Tori Hall
Sangria Girl, 3mt, Six Pack–Sesame
Six Pack Mack, 3gt, Six Pack–Catalina Cash
Six Pack To Go, 3mt, Six Pack–Rendezvous Kemp

older horses
Mass Knight, 4gt, Muscle Mass–Quantum Victoria
Marauder Seelster, 5gt, Muscle Mass–Mini Her
Wild Oats, 6gt, Boy Band–Willing Wind
Blue Knight, 7gt, Muscle Mass – Angostura
Raybarnz, 7ht, Crazed–Tori Hall
Stevic, 7gt, Victor Blue Chip–AJ’S Baby
Midnite Craze, 14gt, Crazed–Trapezius

Richard Davis Stable
Trainer: Richard Davis

Flashmethecash, 2gt, Southwind Flash–Al-Mar Reba Babe

Heart And Skol, 3gt, Southwind Flash–Daily Special
Wisco Queenahearts, 3mt, Southwind Flash–Miss ABC

Wisco Wild Card, 4gt, Southwind Flash–Miss ABC

Greg Diamond Stable
Trainer: Greg Diamond

Majblomman, 3mt, Full Count–ML Brown Sugar

older horses
Ebony Pearl, 5mt, And Away We Go–Candys Power

Don Eash Stable
Trainer: Don Eash

Aunt Fannie, 2mp, Capt Midnight–Caviart Cara
Big JK, 2hp, JK Endofanera–Anna D
Bluebird Matrix, 2hp, Capt Midnight–Artiawitchtoyou
Capt’n Chaos, 2hp, Capt Midnight–Circus Of Power
Double A Debbie, 2mt, Helpisontheway–Mary Ana Hanover
ER Bethany, 2mt, Muscle Massive–Becky’s Law
ER Super Chick, 2mp, Check Six–Super Hit
Fair Winds, 2mp, Luck Be Withyou–Sail To The Beach
Pure Swan Power, 3gt, Swan For All–Flower Bouquet
Sizesevenround, 2hp, JK Endofanera–Campanile
Surf Scoter, 2gt, Don’t Let’em–Sound of Music
Wonforthemoney, 2ht, Swan For All–Earls Miss Muffet
Valedictorian, 2mp, Luck Be With You – Cum Laude Hall

ER Bailey, 3mt, Helpisontheway–Becky’s Law
ER Katrina, 3mt, Dover Dan–Karen’s Karma
ER Rambo, 3gp, JK Endofanera-Rocknroll Hanover
Expert Tutor, 3gt, Helpisontheway – Cum Laude Hall
JK Shines, 3mp, JK Endofanera–Glitter Rocks
Meadowbrook Chrome, 3gp, Rockin Image–Diamond Tiara
Shezacookie, 3mp, Tellitlikeitis–Haverockwillroll

George Fenno Stable
Trainer: George Fenno

Dreamers Lil Lady, 2mp, Bettors Wish-Dreaming Aliina
Shez My Shadow, 2mp, Shadow Play–Armbro Creole

KDK Trajan, 3gp, Emeritus Maximus–Major Spotlight On

older horses
Instant Replay, 4gp, Lazarus N–Ashlees Sport

Valerie Grondin Stable
Trainer: Valerie Grondin

Dudes Pretty Chick, 2mp, Dude’s The Man-Pretty Eyes
Keenan Star, 2hp, Western Mavierck-Paxxie
LetsGoBrandi, 2mp, Victor Blue Chip, Aj’s Baby
Pandemic Princess, 2mp, Whataworkout-Bibbidi Boo
Pembroke Birdie, 2mp, Pembroke Slugger-Pembroke Mystery
Pembroke Duke, 2hp, Pembroke Slugger-Pembroke Maiden
Show Respect, 2hp, Heston Blue Chip-Respectable
This Dudes Perfect, 2hp, Dude’s The Man-Pembroke Perfect

Chipper Dale, 3gt, Shake It Off Lindy, Bibbidi Boo
Emma Rose, 19mt, Andover Hall, Always Victorious
Pembroke Breeze, 3ft, Pembroke Slugger, Pembroke Mistress
Pembroke Lilly, 3mp, Courtly Choice-Lillywhites
Pembroke Muscle, 3hp, Global Inspiration-Andover Hall
Pembroke Red, 3mp, Thirty Two Red, Pembroke Oasis
Pembroke Will, 3ft, Pembroke Slugger, Pembroke Maide
Whos Perfect, 3gt, Pebroke Seelster, Andover hall

older horses
Mattucci, 4gp, Western Maverick–Paxxie
Two Towns Over, 4gp, Deuce Seelster–City Girl Hanover
Pembroke Honcho, 5mt, Pembroke Slugger-Pembroke Posey
Pembroke Ideal BJ, 5mp, American Ideal, B J’S Skye
Life Is A Feast, 7gt, Royalty For Life-Luau Hanover
Paxxton, 6gp, Western Maverick–Paxxie
Pembroke Junebug, 6mp, Western Maverick–Pembroke Violet
Mocha On The Rocks, 7gp, A Rocknroll Dance- Southwind Mocha
Gold Star Spider, 10hp, Rock On-Isle Of View Too
Middle Aged Crazy, 14gp, Yankee Skyscaper-Fox Valley Amelia

Gary Hall Stable
Trainer: Gary Hall


Justcallmebuck, 3hp, Deuce Seelster–Justcallme Rosie

Michelle Hardin Stable

Whats For Suppaah, 3hp Deuce Seelster–Surreal Hanover

older horses
Wainapedia, 7gp, Western Maverick–Surreal Hanover

Dr. James McIlmurray Stable

Mr Boomer, 3gt, Rompaway Wally–The Full Monte

Crypto Currency, 4gt, International Moni–Clover Market

Marshall Makin Stable
Trainer: Marshall Makin

Diamonds N Gators, 2mt, Rose Run Nolan–Diamonds n Caviar

P’s Just Peachy, 3mt, Big Chocolate–Red Queens Image

Clarence Martin Stable
Assistant Trainer: Lisa Martin
Trainer: Clarence Martin

Drunkin Pumkin, 2fp, In The Arsenal–Colbert Blue Chip
Phoebe B, 19mp, Camluck–Star Crusher
Queen of Egypt, 2fp In The Arsenal–Juice Hanover
Ticking Time Bomb, 2ft Enterprise-Nickerbomb

Prairie Friendly, 3gt Deweycheatumnhowe–Holgers Girl

older horses
Prairie Famous, 4gt, Diamond Goal–Gifted
Prairie Nugget, 4gt, Shibboleth Hanover – Dr Good Gold
Seminole Moon, 4gt, Shibboleth Hanover-Keystone Fling
Zeus Hanover, 5gp, Betting Line–Zellweger Blue Chip
Prairie Virtue, 6mt, Shibboleth Hanover–Iftheresany Justice

Terry Mays stable
Trainer: Terry Mays

Kick’em Jenny, 2mt, Greenshoe–Monroe County

Jim Mulinix Stable

older horse
Expresso, 6mp, A Rocknroll Dance–Southwind Mocha

Marc Tardif/Leighton Properties Stable
Trainer: Marc Tardif

Cookies For Kisses, 2mp, Dudes The Man–Thirsty For Kisses
Ella V Dude, 2hp, Dude’s The Man-Ella V Horse
Just After Midnight, 2hp, Thirty Two Red–Dovetail
That’s Life Dude, 2mp, Dude’s the Man–Deal With Life
Unnamed p Artisic Fella – Luck of the Deal
Unnamed p Thirtytwo Red – Sally Pansen
Unnamed p Badlands Hanover – Absolutely Best
Blizzards Fury, 2mt, Whataworkout–Miss Blizzard
Bourbon Street Blues, 2hp, Deuce Seelster–On the Glass
Demon of the Valley, 2mt, Whataworkout–Fox Valley Shannon
Dudes Treasure, 2mp, Dude’s The Man–Lucky Angel
Greysons Pacin, 2hp, Mr. Apples–Northern Swift
No Guts No Glory, 2hp Deuce Seelster – Cevina De Chakrika
Powerful Entity, 2hp, So Surreal–Legal Entity
Liberty’s Wildcard, 2ht, Noble Venture-Race Me
Massive Speed, 2hp, Dudes the Man – Machmeter

Animore Sass, 3mp, Thirty Two Red–Anianne Hanover
Arts Flight, 3hp, Artistic Fella–Saluki Hanover
Ella V Fella, 3hp, Artistic Fella – Ella V Horse
Push Your Luck, 3mp, Thirty Two Red–Luck of the Deal
Stretch it Donn, 3hp, Western Maverick-Cevina De Chakrika
Two Fold Cold, 3gp, Deuce Seelster–Snow Cone A
Ghost of You, 3mp, Deuce Seelster–Please Sweetie
Thru The Fire, 3hp, Western Maverick–Ladyofcastlebrook
Wes’s Challenge, 3hp, Deuce Seelster–Tally Ho
My Sweet Revenge, 3mp, Western Maverick–Machmeter

older horses
Pick Me Pick Me, 4mp, Western Maverick–Ella V Horse
Deal With It Roman, 5gp, Western Maverick-Deal With Life

no age listed
Jax’s Attack p Duece Seelster – Nipntuckbluechip
Liberty Lunderton Luke t Deweycheatumnhowe – Racemeliberty

Barry White Stable
Trainer: Barry White

Bangor Mafia, 2ct, Green Manalishi–Financial Focus
Red White, 2ct, Devious Man–Trooper Lou

My T Financial, 3mt, Conway Hall–Financial Focus
Osodevious, 3mt, Devious Man–Trooper Lou

older horses
Refiner, 6gt, Chapter Seven–Catching Katie

Robert Williams Stable
Assistant Trainer: Stacia Williams
Trainer: Robert Williams

Bourbon’s Image, 2cp, Bourbon Chip–Malarkey
Daily Double Deo, 2mp, Captain Treacherous–Double Jeopardy
Delray Jet, 2cp, Odino Jet–Pocohontas Fame
Doc’s Love, 2mp, He’s Watching-Doc’s Hope

Best Neigh Ever, 3mp, Well Said–Miller’s Bird
Doc’s Ernest, p, All American Ideal
We Meet Again, 3mp, Shadow Play–Jet America

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