Hanover Shoe Farms announces management transition

Hanover, PA — Effective Tuesday (Dec. 18), Russell C. Williams has become President and CEO of Hanover Shoe Farms Inc., and James W. Simpson has become Chairman of the Board.

“Our message comes down to business as usual,” said Williams. “I intend to build on the excellent foundation that Jim Simpson has built here over more than twenty years.”

“One of our advantages is the 80-year relationship we enjoy with the Standardbred Horse Sales Company,” Williams added. “That will continue.” Paul F. Spears is President and CEO of Standardbred.

Williams ended with the following comment: “I often think of what Dale Welk said at the end of Dean Hoffman’s book about Hanover. ‘At the Shoe Farms,’ Dale said, ‘we’ve got the greatest group of people in harness racing.’ I think he’s right.”

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