Hawkinsville Training Center 2020 roster

Hawkinsville, GA – The Hawkinsville Training Center, Hawkinsville, GA  is pleased to welcome several new stables to the facility for the 2019-2020 season. The new stables at the Training Center this season include Dean Eckley, Scott Kinner, Jeff Nisonger and Carolynne Weber.

First crop 2-year-olds in training at the Hawkinsville Training Center this year include from sires Always B Miki, Arthur Blue Chip, Bar Hopping, Betting Line, Control The Moment, Domethatagain, Jk Endofanera, Racing Hill, Southwind Frank & Upfront Murray.

The 47th annual Hawkinsville Harness Festival is set for April 4-5 and will feature qualifying races on Saturday (April 4) with 2-Year Old Baby Races starting on Sunday (April 5).

A Piece Of The Action Stable LLC
Little Bapa LLC
Lyn Chris LLC
Trainers: Wayne Oke/George Zirnis/Garnet Arnold

Betting On Learmus  2,c,p  Betting Line-Someislandsomewhere
Cai Burger  2,f,t  Ariel Salute-Golden Victory
Ferdieonthebeach  2,c,p  Gran Gabriel-Someislandsomewhere
PD’s Big Easy  2,c,p  Sweet Lou-I Gotagoodfeeling
PD’s Rosey Posey  2,f,t  Dejarmbro-Sue’s Photo
Peady Pie  2,f,t  Braggart-French Rose
Sweet Shuney Mood  2,c,p  Sweet Lou/Miri
Yankee Keeler  2,c,p  Sweet Lou-Edith Keeler

I’m A Country Gal  3,f,t
Maras Ponder  3,f,p
Roman Knows  3,g,p  Kentucky Fairs 2-Year-Old Pacing Colt Of The Year
Susie’s Sister  3,f,t   Kentucky Fairs 2-Year-Old Trotter Of The Year

Aged Horses:
Annilhilator  5,g,p  Woodstock
Better Watch Out  5,g,p
Daybreak Girl 4,f,p
Joplin  4,m,t  Yankee Glide-Silver Thatch
McPansy 4,m,p
Suddenly Royal  4,m,p
When You Dance 4,g,p

Garnet Arnold Stable

Word Out  3,g,p  Well Said-Twin B Tiara

Brocklehurst Stable
Trainer: Harold Brocklehurst

Bill Dolby Hanover 2,c,t  Muscle Massive-Brooke Blue Chip
I Hate Love Songs 2,f,t  Possess The Will-Lyrical Lady
Wind Of The West  2,f,t  Southwind Frank-Armbro Emma

Conan  3,g,t  Donato Hanover-Blathin
Perth Angel DeVie  3,f,t  Explosive Matter-Dream Angel

Aged Horses:
Jumpinthejailhouse  8,g,t  Jailhouse Jesse-Illiad’s Lady

DeRocco Stable
Trainer: Doug DeRocco

Becky  2,f,t  Wishing Stone-Cps Jazzy Java

Dunn Stable
Trainer: Lisa Dunn

Crushworthy  2,f,t  Andover Hall Penn Worthy Lane
Pure Poetry  2,f,t  Creatine-Chaka Khan
Ripple Of Hope  2,c,t  Creatine-Escape Tactics

Charming Outlaw  3,g,t  Yankee Glide-Charmed Again
Elysian Promise  3,f,t  Yankee Glide-Chowda
Manofmanymuscles  3,g,t  Muscle Massive-Chaka Khan
Siouxpergirl  3,f,t  Yankee Glide-Rosebud Sioux

Aged Horses:
Classicality  9,g,t  Classis Photo-Penn Worthy Lane
Paisley Park  4,m,t  Possess The Will-Lyrical Lady

E & L Stables
Trainer: Ed Peconi, Jr.

A Bettor Life  2,g,p  Betterthancheddar
Incredible Two  2,f,t  Angus Hall-

Zoes Lucky Guy  3,g,p  Mach Three
Lovedbythemasses  3,g,t  Muscle Mass-Incredibility   (Grassroots Final Winner)

Eckley Stable
Trainer:  Dean Eckley


Bettors Image  2,f,p  Rockin Image-Bettor Thoughts
Blessings And Favor  2,f,t  Deweycheatumnhowe-Oleodre
Bobby Bombay  2,g,p  Major Bembry-Sleazebiscuit
Counter Currency  2,f,p  Sportswriter-Gold Not Silver
Domewithkisses  2,f,p  Domethatagain-Kissmekissmekissme
Fox Valley Barley  2,f,p  Time To Roll-Our Golden Promise
Fox Valley Gemma  2,f,t  Whom Shall I Fear-Fox Valley Helen
Freds Favorite Filly  2,f,p  Fred And Ginger-Malinka
Happy Camper  2,c,p  American Ideal-Feel Life
Jk Rocks  2,f,p  Jk Endofanera-Glitter Rocks
Livinginthemoment  2,f,t  Credit Winner-L Dees Bliss
Postscript  2,f,p  Sportswriter-Clandestine
Powder Puff Pixie  2,f,p  Always A Virgin-Fox Valley Praline
Retroactive  2,f,p  Western Vintage-Ms Michelle D
Rockin Rampage  2,c,p  Rockin Image-Jk Cameo
Rock Worthy  2,c,p  Rockin Image-A Loskoz Bluegrass
Rushing Star  2,f,p  Racing Hill-Ms Rush
Singing Sensation  2,c,p  Bettors Delight-Tundra Bird
Super Bowl Beauty  2,f,t  Swan For All-Lasting Beauty
Twirlie Hanover  2,f,p  Control The Moment-Transfer Hana
Upfront Jenny  2,f,t  Upfront Murray-Fox Valley Gin Gin
Unnamed  2,f,p  Art Major-Memorable Place

Astounded Hanover  3,f,p  Artspeak-A Filly To Fear
Extreme Edge  3,g,t  Father Patrick-Getinonthesecret
Grace Rocks  3,f,p  Rockin Image-Cosmic Grace
Ready To Deal  3,f,p  Wheeling N Dealin-I’m So Ready
WH Tenderfoot  3,h,p  Net Ten EOM-Pure Desire

Aged Horses:
Adventure Bound  12,g,p  Camluck-Unchained Speed
Delight Fashion  8,g,p  Well Said-Eternity’s Delight
Holdonwererolling  7,g,p  Party At Artsplace-Maura Hanover
Pirates Alley  4,g,p  A Rocknroll Dance-Ms Michelle D
She’s Got Bling  4,f,t  Uncle Peter-Rosa Parks
Sports Hero  4,g,p  Sportswriter-Belinda Hanover

Eddie Gorgei Stable

Aged Horses:
Aunt Wanda 4,m,t   Uncle Peter-Muriel Hanover

Scott Kinner Stable

Mad Cache  2,c,p  Aracache Hanover-Major Surprise
Bettagettajetta  2,f,p  Always A Virgin-Farewell Streams

Majestic Star Stable
Trainer: Jeff Edwards
Assistant Trainer: Tom Grinstead

Atta Boy Bartender 2,g,t  Bar Hopping-Atta Girl Ranger
Cocktail Dress 2,f,t  Bar Hopping-Dress For Success
Explosive Mission  2,g,t  Swan For All-Dancing Dynamite
Her Majesty’s Swan  2,f,t  Swan For All-Dream On Broadway
Jackrabbit Sam 2,g,t  Class Included-Jane Says
Merciful Swan 2,f,t  Swan For All-Lisas Mission
Mrs. Everything 2,f,t  Trixton-Ucalthisahoneymoon
Nada Volo 2,f,t  Trixton-No I’m Not
Sir Jesse  2,g,t  Jailhouse Jesse-Peaceful Dreams
WW Locked In Jail  2,g,t  Jailhouse Jesse-Lost In Lindy Land

Laney  3,f,t  Mr. Cantab-Jesse Lane
My Kind Of Naughty  3,f,t  Encore Encore-Msnaughtybutnice
McMatters  3,g,t  Explosive Matter-Ucalthisahoneymoon
Pretzel Party  3,f,t  Mr. Cantab-Pretzel Hanover
Priceless  3,f,p  Rockin Image-Btwnyurheartnmine
Sentebale  3,f,t  Explosive Matter-Be My Baby

Aged Horses:
Wow Lester  4,g,t  Airzoom Cindy-Wham Hanover

Clarence Martin, Jr. Stable

Flyaway Hanover  2,c,t  Andover Hall-Flower Lane
KJ Haley  2,f,p  So Surreal-Winsmith Karen
KJ Laura  2,f,p  So Surreal-CoEd Desire
KJ Michael Gary  2,c,p  Art Major-Winsmith Jess
KJ Ryan  2,c,t  Credit Winner-Southwind Feona
My Son Ty Hanover  2,c,t  Explosive Matter-Migisi
Nimby Hanover  2,c,t  Donato Hanover-Nanticoke Hanover
Prairie Trinket  2,f,t  Diamond Goal-Gifted
Prairie Virtue  2,f,t  Shibboleth Hanover-Ifthereanyjustice
Raising The Will  2,c,t  Possess The Will-Raising Rachel

Aged Horses:
Slickest Colbert 4,m,p Slickest Hanover-Colbert Bluechip
Smokin On By  4,m,t  Crazed-Lindy’s RN

Nisonger Stable
Trainer: Jeff Nisonger

Kill Shot  2,f,t  Donato Hanover-Time To Kill
Under Pressure  2,f,p  Somebeachsomewhere-Arrivista Hanover
Grand Cayman  2,c,p  Always B Miki-Barbuda Babe
Easy To Please  2,f,p  Roll With Joe-Lorrie Please
Make Mine Miki  2,f,p  Always B Miki-Shake That Junk
Indulge  2,c,p  Sweet Lou-Satisfy My Soul
Hoax  2,f,p  Sweet Lou-Naughty Til The End
Tabiche  2,f,t  Southwind Frank-Spicy Wings
JK’s Pure Joy  2,f,p  JK Endofanera-Village Joy
King’s Cruiser  2,c,p  Yankee Cruiser-Hurrikane Queen Rose
SundaewithSprinkle  2,f,t  Dejarmbro-Trot Fudge Sundae
Rockin N Kissin  2,f,p  Arthur Blue Chip-Walk Of Shame
Frozen Waffles  2,f,p  Western Vintage-Warm Waffles
Carrolton Cowgirl  2,f,p  Well Said-Azoreau Night
Nora Tova  2,f,p  Western Terror-Give Me Points
Blazin Bandit  2,c,p  Rockin Amadeus-Native Dream
Pete’s Gesture-2,f,t  Uncle Peter-Jo’s Gesture
Caviart Elena  2,f,p  Betting Line-Caviart Erin
Fannie Apples  2,c,p  Mr. Apples-Kilowatts Fantasy
Mach Rock  2,c,p  Pet Rock-Mach Mae

Bens Buckeye 3,c,t  Uncle Peter-Majestic Taglet
Fifty Flat  3,c,p  All American Native-Diva Hanover
Perfect Artist  3,f,p  Dragon Again-Artcam
Mae Be Magic  3,f,p  Dragon Again-Maewest Hanover
She Hit The High Note  3,f,p  Nob Hill High-Astreas Notice
Treasure Those Chips  3,f,p  Arts Chip-Give Me Points
T-Degengold  3,f,p  Pet Rock-Goldies Cam

Robbins Racing Stable
Trainer: Norman Robbins

Best Value  2,c,t  MyMVP-
Peter Star  2,c,t  Uncle Peter-Sister Star

Lemonaid Lucy  3,f,p  McCardle-Eradi Kate
Suzy Star  3,f,t  Uncle Peter-Sister Star

Aged Horses:
Lady’s Image  4,f,t  Don’tyouforgetit-The Lady’s Unreal

Dan Shetler Stable
Trainers: Dan & Kristin Shetler & Tom McClain

Allie  2,f,t  Guccio-Allie Labrook
Dignafied  2,f,t  Class Included-Dignafied Diva
Highly Acclaimed  2,f,t  Trixton-Always Yours
Innocent  2,f,t  Class Included-Playful Innocence
Rocky Road Reba  2,f,t  Guccio-Lauries Lucky Lady
Sonoko  2,c,t  Guccio-Destiny’s Vision S
Style And Speed  2,c,t  Guccio-Hernameissylvia
Unamed  2,c,t  Class Included-Dazzling Miss
Unamed  2,f,t  Uncle Peter-ABC Easter
Unamed  2,c,p  Tellitlikeitis-Tressa

Bluebird Lady Luck  3,f,t  Whom Shall I Fear-Lauries Lucky Lady
Brigette  3,g,t  Bluto-Dream Act
Cartwright  3,g,t  Whom Shall I Fear-Dignafied Diva
Dare To Defy  3,g,p  Tellitlikeitis-Discreetly
Dazzle And Glide  3,f,t  Yankee Glide-Dazzling Miss
Dojea Gizmo 3,g,p  Tellitlikeitis-Postmark
Enchanting Miss  3,f,t  Dejarmbro-ABC Easter
General Ward  3,g,p  Somebeachsomewhere-Podges Lady
High Gear No Fear  3,g,t  Whom Shall I Fear-Flower Bouquet
Pure Decadence  3,f,p  Pet Rock-Tressa
Real Sugar  3,f,t  Guccio-Bernice G. Hanover
Sparklinlikeitis  3,f,p  Tellitlikeitis-Three Sparkles
Swan Again  3,c,t  Swan For All-Ever A Lady
Swan Legacy  3,g,t  Swan For All-Lady Like Volo

Aged Horses:
Adoring Spirit 5,f,p  Rockin Image-Tammy C Tresa
American Moni  4,h,t  Muscle Hill-Moni Maker
Bourbon Chase 6,c,p  Palone Ranger-Stonebridge Beauty
Longwell  9,g,t  Yankee Glide-Minibar
Majestic Harbor  4,h,t  Muscle Hill-Minibar
Opportunist 4,g,t  Dejarmbro-ABC Easter
Prescott 4,g,t  Yankee Glide-Always Yours
Truly Inspired 4,f,t  Yankee Glide-Always Yours

Paul Walker Stable
Trainer: Paul Walker

Harry  2,g,t  Royality For Life-Dayshifter
Imextraspecial  2,f,t  Muscle Mass-Iamspecial
Legally Bay  2,f,t  Muscle Mass-Sorority House
Dayaway  2,f,t  Archangel-Our Day
Financial Day  3,f,t  Archangel-Our Day
Horse Trader  3,c,t  Wheeling N Dealin-Oaklea Wand
Masseno  3,g,t  Muscle Mass-Tomorrow’s Dream
Pemberton  3,g,t  Wheeling N Dealin-Dayshifter

Carolynne Weber Stable
Trainer: Carolynne Weber

Party Shoes  3,f,t  Yankee Glide-American Snowflake

Greg Wright Stable
Trainers: Ronnie Smithe

Lucky Pelican  2,t  Uncle Peter-Knockout Doll
Ju Ju Bee 2,t   Creatine-LaCantera

Cantera Hal  3,c,t   Upfront Ben-LaCantera
Knockout Gal  3,f,t  Manofmanymissions-Knockout Doll
My Pal Sal  3,c,t  Donato Hanover-Expressive Victor
One Explosive  3,f,t  Explosive Matter-All For One

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