Help Tim Tetrick choose a nickname

from the Meadowlands Publicity Department

East Rutherford, NJ — In every professional sport, great athletes are recognized with nicknames that become part of their legends, and harness racing is no exception.

Brian Sears is the White Knight, Andy Miller is Orange Crush, George Brennan is Minister of Speed and the list goes on. But there is one member of the world’s elite driving colony that has yet to receive one of his own — Tim Tetrick.

Harness racing’s leading driver recently expressed his disappointment over his lack of a moniker when he co-hosted the Meadowlands live television broadcast last Friday. And so he has asked the track’s announcers to put the challenge out to the fans to find his nickname.

E-mail suggestions to

The fan with the best nickname will receive dinner at Terraces, a trophy presentation and the chance to meet Tim.

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