Jujubee breeding to benefit the Tioga Relief Fund

Lexington, KY — A Jujubee breeding is available to benefit the Tioga Relief Fund.

“As a horse owner for over 40 years and devoted to our great sport, I could not begin to imagine the emotions and struggles that those affected must be going through,” was the reaction of Jon Erdner, the owner of Trotter of the Year Jujubee when he first learned of the tragic fire at Tioga Downs last week. “Noticing the wonderful donations made by so many and breeders in particular, we have added to that with a donation of a 2024 breeding to our first-year stallion Jujubee.”

Offered on onGait.com, the money raised will be donated to the Tioga Relief Fund.

Owned by Jon Erdner, Jujubee will stand his first season at stud in 2024 in Indiana at Ivy Lane Farm. Limited bookings are available.

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