McCauley’s answers the call

from the Standardbred Retirement Foundation

Hamilton, NJ — McCauley Bros. Feed, with the help of Kevin Reynolds’ Feed Company, has given the Standardbred Retirement Foundation a truly momentous gift. They are providing grain for the more than two dozen horses in residence at our Hamilton facility for all of 2008!

Their client list is a veritable “Who’s Who” of equine royalty, but their incredible generosity and kindness is nothing new. McCauley’s gives back to the equine industry in many ways and SRF is tremendously thankful for their support and for the help of Kevin Reynolds.

Established in 1938, McCauley Bros., Inc. is headquartered in the heart of Kentucky bluegrass country and is dedicated to excellence in equine nutrition. The money saved by their generous gift will help us help even more horses and we cannot thank them enough!

“McCauley’s is delighted to provide its equine feeds, supplements and nutritional expertise for the benefit of the SRF and the horses in its care,” said company president Mac McCauley.

“Reynolds Hay & Straw congratulates the Standardbred Retirement Foundation and is honored to join McCauley’s in supporting the Foundation as a feed supplier,” added Kevin Reynolds. “The work that the SRF does is close to our hearts, as many of these retired Standardbreds started life and were raised on McCauley’s products. It is fitting that we help in this small way to see to it that these noble animals are given the useful, proper retirements that they deserve. We are as concerned about their welfare after they leave the tracks as we were when they were promising babies and growing yearlings. Just because they can no longer perform on the track does not mean that their lives are over. Their second career may be more rewarding to their new owner than their first.”

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