MGM Northfield Park hosts USA vs. Spain drivers challenge

Northfield, OH — MGM Northfield Park management is thrilled to welcome a quartet of Spanish drivers to the home of the flying turns on Monday (Sept. 18).

Competing in a series that began in Delaware on Sunday (Sept. 17), they will compete against team USA in a three-race challenge.

The Great Lakes Amateur Driving Series co-hosts the event in conjunction with MGM Northfield Park.

Jose (Pepe) Rotger, Jaime Rierra Bassa, Vicente Mata and Santiago Roig comprise team Spain.

On Sunday, Lauren Harmon, Steve Oldford, and Dakota Jackson each won legs of the series.

The challenge races are three, five, and seven Monday evening. They get to showcase their talents with both trotters and pacers.

For more information on the competition, click here.

MGM Northfield Park currently races on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday.

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