NAADA to host Italian counterparts in August

Monticello, NY — The members of the North American Amateur Drivers Association (NAADA) have been making plans to host their Italian counterparts from Torino in early August after being guests of the Italians from the Venice area in July.

“Besides competing against our NAADA teams at Yonkers on Monday (Aug. 5) and at Monticello on Tuesday (Aug. 6), we are in the process of securing drives for the visiting Italians in the Hambletonian Amateur Trot at The Meadowlands on Friday, Aug. 2,” said NAADA president Joe Faraldo. “And at this time, with the assistance of many, it appears that that the Italians will be able to participate over the famed mile oval.”

The visiting Italians team includes Michele Bechis (461 lifetime wins), Jacopo Brischetto (27 wins), Gianni Scrima (27 wins) and Enrico Colombino (367 wins).

“The Italian team leader, Enrico Colombino, is a well-known Italian amateur and a true gentleman. Alan (Schwartz) and I have known him for more than 25 years,” Faraldo said. “His dad and mom always brought us homemade soppressata and homemade wine. Enrico’s dad did that so many times that we nicknamed him ‘Vino Colombino,’ and of the entire family we have very fond memories. It will be great to see a friend from years ago and compete with him on American soil.”

The following is the scheduled itinerary:

Thursday (Aug. 1) – Italians arrive at JFK and have dinner at Sel et Poivre in New York City

Friday (Aug. 2) – Italians get licensed at the Meadowlands for Hambletonian Amateur

Saturday (Aug. 3) – Italians taken to The Meadowlands to watch Hambletonian, dinner at Pepolino’s

Sunday (Aug. 4) – Guided tour of New York City and dinner at Fraunces Tavern where President George Washington gave his farewell address

Monday (Aug. 5) – Race at Yonkers, dinner at Roberto’s in the Bronx

Tuesday (Aug. 6) – Picked up from their hotel in New York City and stop at the Hall of Fame in Goshen, N.Y.; then race at Monticello before dinner at the River Palm in Mahwah, N.J.

Wednesday (Aug. 7) – Italians depart for home

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