Odds on Steno, named after stenographers

Columbus, OH – In her TheJCR.com feature, a freelance court reporter and agency owner from Sunbury, OH, Sara Clark tells the story of how Standardbred Odds on Steno got her name and how’s she’s doing in her racing career.

“In the worlds of harness racing and stenography, an unexpected and heartwarming connection has been made. Prepare to be amazed as I unveil the intriguing tale of Odds on Steno, a racehorse named after stenographers.”

Sara Clark (l) with her aunt Jan. Photo courtesy of TheJCR.com.

Clark’s aunt “Jan’s boyfriend, Dana Parham, owns many businesses, one specifically involved in the harness racing industry called Odds on Racing.”

“She brought up the idea to Dana, and before you know it, there was a pacing horse named Odds on Steno. How cool is that?”

Clark encourages her fellow stenographers to follow the racing exploits of Odds on Steno.

“Keep an eye on Steno’s races, primarily in New Jersey this year, by visiting https://racing.ustrotting.com and using the “search” feature to type in her name, Odds on Steno. You can also contact either me or my Aunt Jan for a direct link once racing begins for the season in late April or early May.”

To read the complete story on TheJCR.com, click here.


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