Roosevelt Raceway reunion being planned

by Susan Arrington

Vienna, VA — The Roosevelt Raceway Hall of Fame and several former horsemen are organizing a Roosevelt Raceway reunion, for horsemen and employees that raced or worked at Roosevelt Raceway. The date, time and place are still to be determined.

We are looking for feedback as to determining the best location or locations. Suggestions range from having the reunion correspond with the Hambletonian and having it at the Meadowlands or to have the reunion in the late fall at Pompano Park. We also have the idea of having two reunions — one at each location.

We would be interested in your thoughts as to which location we should use, or if you feel we should set up two reunions at both locations. If you are interested in attending, please let us know.

We have a feedback form set up at

For more information please contact Susan Arrington by phone at (703) 825-8938, e-mail, visit the Web at or mail P.O. Box 358, Vienna, VA 22180.

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