RUS New York seeks feedback

RUS New York is asking all riders, trainers, owners and fans to complete a brief questionnaire in order to plan ahead for the 2021 racing under saddle season in New York and beyond.

The link for the questionnaire may be found here and should be completed no later than Saturday (Feb. 13).

RUS NY was formed in early 2014 to assist with the organization and management of a series of races across the state. The main goal is to promote RUS as a sport, increase interest in Standardbred racing, and showcase the versatility of the Standardbred breed to help them find great homes once they finish their days on the track.

We’ve come together to help both racetracks and race organizers as well as RUS riders and horsemen coordinate events such as our New York Fair Series. We rely on our sponsors for support, and to help raise awareness of the sport and the breed.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter  or visit our website, RUS New York, to stay up to date on the latest and greatest of RUS New York.

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