SOA of NY mails out checks to grooms

Yonkers, NY — The SOA of NY completed mailing out 155 checks in the amount of $400 to those grooms who participated at Yonkers Raceway over an extended period of time and on a regular basis. The total cost of today’s aid for our most dedicated caretakers amounted to $62,000.

Joe Faraldo, president of the SOA of NY, said that “These worthy individuals should be receiving their checks in a few days. We are glad to have managed the SOA’s assets in a way that affords us the opportunity to help.”

We suggest to all trainers that grooms doing a paddock make sure that they sign in and show their current groom’s license as in the future the SOA of NY will use that data for eligibility for medical and retirement benefits. Failure to accurately report that information could adversely affect a groom’s eligibility for those important benefits.

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