SRF’s feed bucket challenge is underway

from the Standardbred Retirement Foundation

Cream Ridge, NJ — McCauley Bros. Feed will generously give 100 of the Standardbred Retirement Foundation’s horses warm bellies for the winter with their feed bucket challenge match.

For every dollar donated McCauley’s will match it with their quality feed up to $7,000. The challenge starts today and ends Sunday (Nov. 4) at midnight.

A pound of grain averages about 75 cents to $1.25. For the healthy SRF horse during the winter months, about seven pounds per day is needed. This does not include hay which should be free choice for them, especially during the cold season. Donations in any amount are very much appreciated and are tax-deductible.

This is one of the most trying times in SRF’s 29 year history with 403 horses under its expense and care. To help us meet this much needed challenge gift from McCauley’s Feed, a company that has supported SRF for nearly 20 years already, please call 609.738.3255, email, visit our website at or see our Facebook page with the donation button.

Thank you so very much for helping and thank you to McCauley’s Feed for all their wonderful support, as well as to Reynolds Hay and Straw, the local distributor in our area.

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