Tioga to offer claiming series

Nichols, NY — Tioga Downs will offer two claiming series designed to be raced each Friday starting May 10 for the length of the meet (14 legs in 14 weeks) through Sept. 20.

They will be raced as two separate events, one priced at $7,500 (leg purses $6,500), the other at $12,500 (leg purses $8,000). They require no formal nomination or nominating payment, just enter for the legs in which you wish to race.

The finals are estimated at $30,000 for the $7,500 series and $40,000 for the $12,500 series. There will be an entry fee of $150 for the finals.

Conditions are posted on the web.

Questions should be directed to Race Secretary Rob Pennington at 732.984.3196.

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