Twenty seats up for grabs in USTA elections; petitions due Oct. 1

Columbus, OH — The United States Trotting Association reminds its members that 20 Association membership directors are slated to stand for re-election on Tuesday (Dec. 12).

USTA members may declare themselves as candidates by filing a written petition with the USTA signed by at least 25 voting members from the district the person seeks to represent. Those declarations are due no later than Oct. 1.

Any candidate for director must be an individual member of the Association and, upon election, must maintain that membership through the three-year term of office.

Those current directors with expiring terms are as follows:

District 1 – Donald “Skip” Hoovler
District 1 – Steve McCoy
District 1 – Dr. John Mossbarger
District 2 – Jay Cross
District 2 – Sam Hedington
District 2 – Steve Oldford
District 3 – David Siegel
District 4 – Bruce Alexander
District 5 – Casey Leonard
District 6 – Dein Spriggs
District 6 – Dr. Andy Roberts
District 7 – Russell Williams
District 8 – Mark Ford
District 8 – Michael Torcello
District 8A – Jordan Stratton
District 8A – Mike Kimelman
District 9 – George Ducharme
District 11 – Corey Callahan
District 11 – Dan Bittle Jr.
District 12 – Jeff Gregory

For further information, please contact Michele Kopiec by phone (614.224.2291, ext. 3294) or via email ( An official nomination petition form can be found here.

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