USTA board approves six rule and bylaw changes

Columbus, OH — Six rule and bylaw changes were approved at the annual meeting of the USTA Board of Directors on March 12. With the exception of the addition of a new type of lower-cost membership aimed at participants of the Standardbred Incentive Program (SIP), the changes will become effective on May 1.

These changes apply to venues in which the USTA is the sole regulatory authority. As specified in the USTA Rulebook’s preface, “the rules…are applicable only to those non-pari-mutuel meetings over which no State Racing Commission, or other State Regulatory Body asserts primary jurisdiction.” It is not uncommon, however, to see state racing commissions adopt USTA rules.

The changes are:

— Requiring infield ponds of extended pari-mutuel tracks to be enclosed by a fence or barrier.
— Further definition of a “no contest” race.
— Streamlining of the rule governing racing, farm, corporate, stable and stallion syndicates.
— Clarification of the rule that was passed by the board on Feb. 1, in regard to artificial insemination, which will allow frozen semen to be used in the breeding seasons during and immediately following the castration or death of a stallion.
— A bylaw change to provide for a SIP non-voting membership at a lower cost for individuals competing in non-racing events with a registered Standardbred (effective Jan. 1, 2024).
— With the closing of Pompano Park, a bylaw change to redefine the election of track directors within District 6.

All of the rule changes will be sent to the Association of Racing Commissioners International and to state racing commissions with recommendations to adopt them and to horsemen’s associations to assist them in promoting these rules to their state regulators to encourage their implementation.

For a complete list of all rule and bylaw changes, click here.

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