USTA District 8 meeting recap

Columbus, OH — On Tuesday (Oct. 12), chairperson Todd Haight and directors Kim Crawford, Mark Ford, John Matarazzo, Ray Schnittker, Mike Torcello and Scott Warren hosted the annual USTA District 8 meeting via Zoom.

The meeting included opening messages from USTA executive vice president and CEO Mike Tanner, and USTA president Russell Williams.

The remainder of the agenda included a discussion of and voting on 26 rule change proposals and an update on the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act by Tanner.

Following are the results on the 2022 rule change proposals from District 8:

1. Medical assistance/back-up ambulance: Approved
2. County fair charting timeline: Rejected
3. Microchip optional horses born before 2019: Rejected
4. State vet regulation of microchips: Rejected
5. Draw video and recording: Rejected
6. Blood samples for claims: Approved
7. Voidable claims – injury: Approved
8. Stakes payment dates: Approved
9. Driver selection in stakes races: Rejected
10. Interference before start: Rejected
11. Trainer continuing education: Rejected
12. Whip specifications: Rejected
13. Breaking horse disqualification: Rejected
14. Stallion limit increase: Rejected
15. Charitable breedings offered: Rejected
16. Outstanding horse names: Rejected
17. No horse name changes: Rejected
18. ID of broodmares: Rejected
19. Embryo transfers: Rejected
20. Parentage verifications: Rejected
21. Horse ID requiring chip and FB: Rejected
22. Breeder location: Rejected
23. Equestrian membership fees: Approved
24. Addition of equestrian membership: Approved
25. Universal election date for directors: Approved
26. Trainer continuing education bylaw: Approved

The meeting commenced at 2 p.m. (EDT) and was adjourned at 3:32 p.m.

For the schedule of remaining USTA District Meetings, click here.

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