USTA offering Standardbred breed logo

from the USTA Communications Department

Columbus, OH — The USTA is now offering a logo exclusive to the Standardbred breed, which may be used for all pleasure- and show-horse enthusiasts.

The idea for the logo came from Elizabeth Tewksbury of the Maine Standardbred Pleasure Horse Organization, who sought a breed-specific logo to help identify Standardbreds at competitions. The final design, which was voted on by nearly 600 people at, was designed by USTA Internet graphic designer Autumn Schmidt.

T-shirts with the new logo are now available for pre-order for $10. Oval bumper stickers featuring the new logo will be available later for $1.

The Standardbred brand will also be available for SEP members to take and have embroidered onto saddle pads, saddle covers, stable blankets and apparel.

To order T-shirts, visit Information: 877.800.8782 ext. 3260 or e-mail

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