USTA takes to the Stand

by T.C. Lane

Columbus, OH — In an effort to strengthen its commitment to judging in the harness racing industry, the USTA will bring the Racing Officials Accreditation Program (ROAP) to Columbus June 4-12, 2007.

The 60-hour course, which has been traditionally held at the University of Louisville and the University of Arizona, will now make a third stop on its circuit to the USTA home office.

While the University of Louisville and University of Arizona course has been a combined effort between Thoroughbred, Standardbred, Quarter Horse and Greyhound racing, the USTA course will focus exclusively on the Standardbred.

Throughout the country, the demands for consistency in the stand have been discussed as much as medication uniformity. Currently, 38 pari-mutuel horse racing states have 38 different sets of rules, making achieving uniformity in rulings — especially in the case of disqualifications for interference — a constant challenge. The accreditation program is designed to provide the officials with uniform standards and practices in all regulatory areas.

As members of ROAP, the goal of this USTA program is to see that all judges and stewards achieve and maintain their accreditation as racing officials.

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