USTA with Dr. Kevin Corley launches improved Chip ID app with six-month free trial

Columbus, OH — The U.S. Trotting Association announced the relaunch of a new, significantly improved USTA Chip ID app that is available for both iOS and Android devices on Wednesday (Aug. 12). The upgraded app will be offered for a free six-month trial to all registered users.

In addition to the original functions of horse identification and recording temperature, the improved app adds a GPS location function, the ability to import and add documents plus the capability to share all horse records.

A trainer or farm manager can share the app with the entire stable under one main account at no additional cost to provide all owners, caretakers and even veterinarians with access to daily health and performance information. After the free trial, the cost of the app will be less than a dollar per horse each month.

“We’ve worked closely with our partner Dr. Kevin Corley and EquiTrace to add these valuable improvements to the USTA Chip ID app,” said USTA Chief Operating Officer T.C. Lane. “The USTA has funded the development and worked diligently on the new Chip ID app. This program provides a very valuable tool for the harness racing industry in the care and health of our equine athletes at each and every level. Plus, the app provides a second-to-none platform for farm managers, trainers, horse owners, veterinarians and caretakers to communicate in real time, which is a necessity in today’s racing environment.

“With the additional functionality, vet records and required health certificates can be added to a horse’s profile along with the history of temperature scans and the location of that horse each time a scan was done. All of the records and documents can be easily shared via the app or by email among all of the important horse connections and caretakers.”

With the inclusion of this new health-related information, the ability to monitor a horse’s health will be significantly improved.

Also, the new app includes a security function that sends notifications if an unknown user scans a horse or if a new user is attempting to access horse data.

The USTA Chip ID app can be downloaded from iTunes (Apple) and Google Play (Android) by searching “USTA Chip ID.”

For those with an existing USTA credential (myaccount and Pathway), the login process remains the same as with the original app that was launched in March 2019 so they can begin to use the new features immediately. For users without an account, the app allows for easy registration to obtain one.

The app will still provide direct access to Pathway, the USTA’s statistical database, with its basic horse information as well as the menu of performance, pedigree and breeding reports for that horse.

With the launch of the original app, the USTA became the first horse registry to formally incorporate temperature scanning into their microchip identification program.

To see an instructional video demonstrating the new features and uses for the improved USTA Chip ID app, click here.

For more information on the new USTA Chip ID app and microchipping, visit or contact USTA member services at or call toll free at 877.800.USTA (8782).

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