Winbak Farm will freeze brand 2022 foals

Chesapeake City, MD — Winbak Farm has announced that all of their 2022 foals will be freeze branded as part of the registration process. This includes foals born at Winbak Farm of Maryland, Winbak Farm of Canada and at Zette Stable in Pennsylvania.

The farm expects close to 300 foals this season.

“Freeze branding, along with the standard microchipping, enables us to more easily identify the foals,” said Jack Burke, General Manager. “With the quantity of Standardbred horses that we raise, quick visual identification is important in providing care from the age of a young foal until they are sold at yearling sales.”

Winbak Farm encourages foal followers to submit names on the Winbak Farm Facebook page. Many pictures of 2022 foals will be posted during the season.

“We had many people who reached out in support of the freeze brands and we appreciate all of the followers that our foals have,” said Burke. “One of our farm’s mottos is “dedicated to putting you in the winner’s circle” and we love the idea that our future graduates will be able to show their freeze brands in the winner’s circle.”

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