Winter Miles Trotting Center/Burke Training Center 2020 Training Roster

Astor, FL — Here is the 2020 training roster for the Winter Miles Trotting Center/Burke Training Center in Astor, Fla. First crop sires with horses training in Astor include Airman Batten, Betting Line, Racing Hill, Southwind Frank, Special Forces, Stage Muscles and Transcending.

Foiled Again, harness racing’s all-time richest horse with $7.6 million in earnings, is officially retired from racing, but is again joining snowbirds wintering in Florida.

Robert Anderson Stable
Bnb p,f, (p,2,2:00.2h, $9,536) Bolt The Duer—Mom’s Bella

Burke Stable
72 2-year-olds
Aintnohillthathigh p,c, Racing Hill—Ain’t That Funny
Alexa’s Cruising p,f, Yankee Cruiser—Alexa’s Jewel
Angel’s Touch p,f, Always A Virgin—Perfect Touch
Aunt Lil t,f, Uncle Peter—All In The Muscle
Avenir t,f, Muscle Hill—Chic Chick
Barnard Hanover p,c, Well Said—Braggin Yankee
Blonde Onthe Beach p,f, Somebeachsomewhere—Double Jeopardy
Blue Diamond Eyes p,f, Captaintreacherous—Aria Hanover
Brookview Bolt t,c, Swan For All—Wittys Winner
City By The Bay p,c, Bettor’s Delight—Bay Girl
Continualou p,f, Sweet Lou—Continual Velocity
Credit Ace t,c, Uncle Peter—Misty Breeze
Defy The Odds p,f, Pet Rock—Maggys Art
Don’t Blame Lou p,c, Sweet Lou—Don’t Blame Her
Double Luck p,f, Heston Blue Chip—Natural Luck
Ernie Hanover p,c, Sweet Lou—Edra Hanover
Frankasaurus t,c, Southwind Frank—Sand Lavender-Blu
Frankly My Dear t,f, Southwind Frank—Temple Of Athena
Free Thinker p,f, Western Vintage—Live The Extreme
Fulsome p,c, Betting Line—Triple V Hanover
Hill Yeah p,c, Racing Hill—The Heat Is On
Hot As Hill t,f, Muscle Hill—Smarty Pants
Hulou p,f, Sweet Lou—Atsallrite Hanover
Isobel t,f, Father Patrick—Viva Las Lindy
Jewels Virgin p,c, Always A Virgin—Dandy’s Jewel
Kate’s Way p,f, Dragon Again—Touch Of Kathryn
Kentucky Cash t,c, Uncle Peter—Cessna Hanover
Keystone Zeppelin p,c, Sweet Lou—Sir Erika Z Tam
La Savane p,c, Captaintreacherous—Martinque
Lightning Rock p,c, Pet Rock—Shark Lightning
Liscaroline p,f, Betting Line—Liscaramore
Literl Lad Hanover p,c, Somebeachsomewhere—Latte Lady
Lockbox t,c, Wishing Stone—Springaround
Lou’s Pearlman p,c, Sweet Lou—Lucy’s Pearl
Love Game p,f, Sweet Lou—West Side Glory
Lunar p,c, Sweet Lou—Crescent City
Mastery p,c, Sweet Lou—Caramel Kissed
Merry Ann t,f, Southwind Spirit—Witty Girl
M Diddy t,f, Muscle Hill—Maven
Mikibytheseaside p,c, Always B Miki—Seashell Hanover
Miss You Mom p,f, Sweet Lou—Miss Rose
Mrs Muscle Hanover t,f, Muscle Massive—Mrs Ronerail
Ocean’s Apart p,f, Western Ideal—Planet Queen
Parts Unknown p,f, Somebeachsomewhere—Peg
Peep N Weep p,f, Captaintreacherous—Number Please
Pinknperfect p,f, Well Said—Pink Camo
Princesa Alta p,f, Sweet Lou—Camile
Prince Yamadori t,c, Cantab Hall—Cheer For The Cats
Quickest Hanover t,f, Father Patrick—Queen Of Grace
Racer Pacer p,c, Racing Hill—Aqua Artist
Randle El t,c, E L Titan—Unefoisdansmavie
Realization p,f, Somebeachsomewhere—Art Sale
Rogers Image p,c, Rockin Image—Remi’s Rocket
Rose Run Whitney t,f, Uncle Peter—Stonebridge Dancer
Sailor Blue Chip p,c, Sweet Lou—Onassis Blue Chip
Scarlett Hanover p,f, Bettor’s Delight—Sammy’s Magic Girl
Sevenshadesofgrey t,c, Chapter Seven—Ms Naughty
Sewin Sue t,f, Wishing Stone—Sequin Hanover
Smashing Beauty t,f, Southwind Frank—Smash Hit
Sona’s Hat Trick t,c, Father Patrick—Sonalona Hanover
Southwind Gendry p,c, Always B Miki—Gambler’s Passion
Southwind Xena p,f, Betting Line—Southwind Solara
Stalkingme Hanover p,f, Artspeak—She’s A Fan
Summa Cum Laude p,c, Somebeachsomewhere—Western Graduate
The Big Picture p,c, Captaintreacherous—Full Picture
The Queen B t,f, Muscle Hill—Superstar Hanover
The Ruthless Frank t,c, Southwind Frank—Amorous Flirt
Twin B Fighter p,c, Bettor’s Delight—In The Pink
Uptown Hanover p,f, Somebeachsomewhere—Upside Surprise
Wicked Ways p,f, Captaintreacherous—Miss Scarlett
Winella Hanover p,f, Racing Hill—Western Duel

Tom & June Durand Stable
Rockstar Energy t,g, Explosive Matter—Credit Lover
Regal Seven t,c, Chapter Seven—Catching Katie

older horses
Dia Monde 7,g,t, (4,1:53, $426,291) Deweycheatumnhowe—Lady Bar
The First Chapter 5,h,t, (3,1:55.3, $19,360) Chapter Seven—Aurova Hanover
Whiskey Tax 12,g,t, (1:52.1s, $1,131,340) Revenue S—Bourbon Belle

Benny Eggers Stable
Lotafametoclaim t,f, Muscles Yankee—Miss Courtney
Patty Jo M p,f, Roll With Joe—Winbak Patty
Red Bolt p,c, Bolt The Duer—Red Zinfandel

Altus Hanover t,c, (2,2:00.4f, $26,264) Crazed—Audra Hall
Art Nukem p,g, (p,2,1:59.3h, $12,604) Artiscape—Mama Nukes

Rick Huffman Stable
Airman’s Kisses t,f, Airman Batten—Caviar And Kisses
Batten Around t,c, Airman Batten—Touch A Source
Bet On A Memory p,f, Betting Line—Everymileamemory
Blended Martini p,f, Transcending—Princess Jalona
Darby Hanover p,f, Betting Line—Darena Hanover
Fast Talkin Ted p,c, Special Forces—Cause For Alarm
Fox Valley Vamp p,f, Time To Roll—Kissmeallover
May Day Maggie p,f, Special Forces—Faithful Ideal
Pugnacious t,c, Kadabra—Muscle Baby Doll
Searching For You t,c, Stage Muscles—Brioni Suite
Shetalksaboutmoney p,f, Millionaire Cam—Start Talkin
Tatsjustthewayitis t,c, Airman Batten—Cannot Tell A Lie
That’s My Leroy p,c, Net Ten Eom—Major’s Sister
Welltheraceison p,c, Well Said—Orchid Beach
Zipper Flipper p,c, Roll With Joe—Bronzer Babe

Slippin The Clutch p,c, (p,2,1:59.4h, $39,814) Millionaire Cam—Sweet Otra
So Rude p,f, (p,2,1:53.3f, $102,371) So Surreal—I Am A Snob

Ray & Sue Vandreason Stable
Jolies Mekus t,c, Prayer I Am—Jolie Hall
Whiskey Blu t,c, Southwind Frank—Kendall Blue

older horses
Summer Chrome 4,g,t, (3,1:59s, $19,655) Prayer I Am—Summer Ran
Pudge’s Pastime 6,p,m, (p,1:53s, $41,499) American Ideal—Won Night Stand

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