USTA Online Entry provides additional Coggins information

Columbus, OH — This week the U.S. Trotting Association added a new, valuable feature in its online entry process that provides additional information about Coggins test results and expiration dates.

“This strengthens the USTA’s commitment to ensuring that equine medical health records are accurately recorded and transparent, which benefits the entire industry,” said USTA Executive Vice President and CEO Mike Tanner. “This is something that horsemen have been asking about for quite some time and it will be very helpful to trainers and race office officials.

“As always, the USTA is constantly working to provide more and improved benefits to our members and member tracks,” added Tanner.

Above is how the new Coggins information will be displayed in Online Entries.

The information will now be more prominently displayed for the convenience of trainers and race office officials. This added information will be shown on the “Drop In the Box” screen as well as the “Event Declaration Page,” which allows trainers to see Coggins information for all of their horses before actually entering them online.

In addition, it will also show an alert icon if the Coggins will be expiring within 30 days and an expired icon if it’s expired. These alerts will be based upon the guideline that a Coggins is “good” for one year.

For more information, contact USTA Member Services at or by calling toll free at 877.800.8782.

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